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    I need help

    I want same body to please help me get a free webpage or can same one please host my site thanks :rolleyes:
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    I have a problem with my msn

    It goes in to msn then it gets out of it because it is makeing me mad how do think i can fix this problem.? ;/
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    How do you still power

    I was playing aganst a super bot he started shoting electricity at me and it was taking my power how do you do that? ;/
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    Is the new esf 1.2

    Does it look like this the old one when you start the program but it work but want to now why.
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    Need to download faster

    I have a problem i try to download it but it takes to long because my modem is 44kb I tried to download it one day i go to 30% then i had to get of the internet this for 1.2 that is 214mb please help. :shocked:
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    Hi I think that ESF is a powerful game but just don't know how to put in brolly sprites with out going over vegeta sprites please help. :)