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    can you guys post a site where you can dl fonts?
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    what the hell

    ok, i got my PL up to 800,000,000 but then after that, everytime i fired at somone, it diddnt add to my PL, it made it lower, also i would not die. my health went out of the bar and into the screen, about 2 inchs, and wouldnt go down. i typed kill in consol and my power level was at 400 mill...
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    Worst thing....

    cut my finger off when i was 8.. i was useing thise razor sharp buchor knife trying to cut a G.I.Joe's head in half down the middle and slipped and wham.. but they put it back on... man it was a clean cut.. i remeber just staring , like shocked, no blood, just half my finger laying there...
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    wtf omfg h4x(help)

    ya i know, but it like "Not Responding" i have *** windows ME, sw00t. doesnt matter i dl a zip one, i think you hibiki, posted in another thread. game pwnz the bots r suck tho, they never work, only sumtimes, most the time they just sit there and idol but thx
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    wtf omfg h4x(help)

    ok, i dl the mod right, and my freinds tell me its pwnz, but when i got to install it, the install **** freezes and is not responding, i have dl every link on teh site, and they all do the same.. i heard other people had probloms like this, can anyone help... cuz i really wanna play this