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    Automatic Reboots

    ^^^ do that, but its my computer/properties/advanced/start up and recovery/setting/ uncheck automaticly restart, on my 2 last comp i had that problem, first time it was my usb modem (it said the brand of my modem before the numbers) when i plugged it with ethernet it stopped reseting, and this...
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    Fastest,most powerful Graphiccard at the moment?

    wow and ur not pro ati?! u change everything they said to make sure ATI comes up, the radeon was overclocked so bad that it wasnt even stable, its faster yeah, but u cant use it, wow thats usefull, and 2 6800ultra doesnt mean 2X the speed, when u got 2cpu together it doesnt give 2x the speed, a...
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    Fastest,most powerful Graphiccard at the moment?

    hahaha, i wasnt going to post how pro ati smith is till i saw that omg, u know that the x800 that was beating 2 6800 ultra was sooo overclocked that it wasnt even stable? and 2 gfx card together doesnt mean 2x the power/speed? u even posted benchmark about hl2 that were pro ati in another...
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    x800xt and 6800Ultra drag performance.

    weeeeeird wow the site went down right when i posted the link :( but
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    Tweaking Windows XP

    is there a way to know wut that program changed?! cuz now windows use 260mb, used to only take 130 and i want all the free ram possible for games i dont really care if windows is slow :O
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    ...Room of Angel...

    haha that game is fun, i rented it this weekend and was at the forest for the 2nd time with the girl, the story is funny, and the stupid stuff scare me the most, like the bunny in the girl room, well ull see after the half of the game, that bunny made me jump, and in the hospital, in one of the...
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    Aliens Versus Predator
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    Aliens Versus Predator

    humm there might be spoiler down there, so dont read, but since most of u dont wanna see it cuz its 13 (wow... first time i see ppl judging a movie after the rating but oh well) it wont spoil anything the start was great... but after the bomb thing, everything went down really really fast...
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    Favourite quotes from Family Guy.
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    dragon ball z budoukai 3 news

    plz dont ever use online translator :O half of the words are still in french give me the website and ill make a better transaltion :O
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    Nes (i have both) The Legend of Zelda Zelda II: The Adventure of Link snes (i have that 1 too) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past n64 (again have both :O ) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask GC (i dont have a game cube :'( ) Wind Waker game...
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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Images

    General - The game is more serious than the others, but the elements of comedy are still there. - A full staff of reasearch personnel at Rockstar have been studying Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles for months to ensure that they truly capture the feelings of these cities. Location -...
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    Interesting--But True!

    LOLOL plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i had that in my sig for 2 weeks now :o its like the 3rd u steal something from some1 and taking all the credit like the msn pop up thing :o
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    Why does my pc randomly crash?

    :o do this right click on my computer/properties/advanced/ at startup and recovery go in settings and uncheck automaticly restart, ^^^^^ That wont make it stop restarting, before restarting, a blue screen will appear, and at the top ull see wuts the error (some thing like...
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    Favorite Summon (Vote/Describe)

    OMG, how could u forget Fat Chocobo on that poll?!?! Fat chocobo is The Summon
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    Is ESF comatible with 1.6?

    ....56k can use steam, and yes u can if u install it at the right place, and it will be the same thing as if u would install it with HL or CS retail...
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    How do I use .rar models?

    a rar file is a compressed file, like a .zip... but its better than a .zip get winrar and "unrar" it, and put the .mdl file in the model folder
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    Small ESF problem

    Too lazy to make a real sig, so i just took the pic, and no mod said anythign about it :/ so i keep it :P
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    Small ESF problem

    Its a hardware error, windows xp shut down ur comp to make sure that ur comp dont get damaged by the error. if u go in start/right click on my computer/properties/advanced/startup and recovery/settings and uncheck automaticly restart the next time u comp gonna have a hardware error, a blue...
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    Help Worst Nightmare!

    wut did u do before that error came up? did u instaled anything, downloaded anything? messed around with windows?