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    Where are the Dragonballs?

    Hi guys. Since I've moved up to ESF 1.2.1, no map that had the dragonballs in CTDB has them. What has happened?
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    Those wanting namek.wad and Guru.wad

    Hi guys For those wanting the namek.wad and guru.wad files but don't want to download the earlier versions of ESF (Espeically those dial-up users), here they are: Namek.wad (3.81mb) and Guru.wad (854kb) AND NOW Client.dll(1.00mb) Right click on the one you want above and...
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    Energy Aura

    Maybe in the later versions, the stronger you get, the larger your aura could be when you charge up. And when you are at max, the screen shakes along with anybody else's screen when they near you Cheers