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    the real PS3 commercial

    this time, this isn't a fan made one real version but if ur looking for a laugh..heres a good one by a well know site.. anyone liked the real one ?
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    is the wiimove really all that innovative ?

    i mean, now that i think about it more, how is the controller anymore innovative then a wireless just has a analog stick in place of the arrow keys on the startin to think that it might not be so innovative after all..:(
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    Has MS struck gold ?

    this sounds amazing :shocked:
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    Why does society label video gamers as nerds?

    O_o since when was having a hobby make u a nerd anyway ?
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    Bully PS2

    looks like rockstars creative team has thought up another winner , because evidently , bullying+doing things for cheerleaders in return for sex = crap game that could possibly endanger the gaming community as a whole AGAIN ( GTA violence effecting politics and banning of games ) people are also...
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    Square Enix to enter console race ?

    Im wondering about recently: does anyone else think that maybe Square is scared by Sony's recent decisions? If you've noticed, Square has really upped the ante on making Nintendo games nd are even making a new 360 game there are four Nintendo system games in production, two DS and two Wii. and...
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    Sony patented technique similar to the Wii-mote :S self explnatory, call me a nintendo fan or whatever but i always loved Sony more but this is juist ridicilious, whether you deny this or not, it's just another copy. You can go on to say...
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    Massive Leaked Sony Internal Document

    :D :paper: it awnsers everything weve been wondering or was unsure about regarding the ps3, enjoy
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    Is Budokai 3 overrated ?

    :S everytime a new dragonball z game comes out now, all u ever hear is budokai 3 was better it did this or that or whatever, could someone remind why budokai 3 was so great ?....or any deeper then the others at all ?
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    Sony defends PSP ad following accusations of racism

    Is this an Over reaction from the public or should they be rightfully offended ? :\ :rolleyes: this is the seond add that sony has caused drama about in the uk
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    A new wii-add on concept ?

    Would u approve or disapprove ? :scared: :D
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    Girls and Video Games Just Dont Mix ?

    Ok, I am a guy, but I think I know the main reason Girls/Women just don't seem to like Video Game's. The key thing is that most women don't like certain thing's and do like other's, such as most women don't like Horror Movie's or if they do they like them for the wrong reason's that being "oh I...
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    Post Your Favorite VG Fanboy Media

    :] This is just for laughs, im sure as most of u know, there are console fanboy created images and videos that go around the next all the time (it doesnt matter its valid or not) so post some of your favorite ones u thought were funny. :D
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    HigherEnd Playstation 3 Model WTF

    this guy keeps saying that the ps3 is not a game console, but a computer.. Screw that! I wanna buy a game console to be a game console! not a crappy watered down computer imagine the ps3 games: "GT6. - Requires PS3 revision 4, roll-out 2, service pack 5. (Additional memory may be required...
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    Pre-E3/E3 News, Media, Information, ect

    I see a few threads starting to come around, where people are posting information about news regarding mainly the revolution and it hit me, why not just make a thread where you can post all information that's heading our way about all 3 next generation gaming consoles, including current ones...
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    Why do people bother with PC games ?

    I just dont see how people can keep investing money in gaming on a pc. It seems like you have to keep upgrading your pc constantly just to play the latest games at it's best, and they only seem to have FPS and MMO's. And i heard games like WOW can suck your life away. Also the pc screen tend to...
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    What if Goku, Naruto & Luffy were all in the same game ?...

    What do you know....dreams do come true......for Anime favored PS2 and GC Owners Anyway... Anybody else excited or interested ? I hope they add alot of other Anime characters. And the game is being made by the same people famous for the NGNT Series on the GC. :D
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    Post Your Favorite YouTube Vids

    These had me laughing for hours. Be sure to post some of your favorites.
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    Questions Concerning Job Apps

    Im finally fed up with relying on my parents and other people too help buy me things now, just to end up dissapointed in the end, quite alot now for certain reasons. But i thought it was about time i helped myself out now. I just turned 17, 4 months ago and now im ready to try and find a job...
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    Hilarious!! A Must Read!!!

    This might be old here, but i just came across it, and i found it hillarious and on point in so many ways. It basically breaks down everything most of us had wish the gaming industry would fix improve, get rid of, ect.