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  1. crazykorean10

    My Siggy

    i made one during my ban
  2. crazykorean10

    remeber me?

    well its bin a whille i dont know why i bothered but dont ban me so here i am :tired:
  3. crazykorean10

    remeber me?

    yes i am back i dont know why i bothered though but here i am
  4. crazykorean10

    such a long time hasnt it?

    umm yea its bin such a long time ah i dont now why i bothered but here i am
  5. crazykorean10

    The meaningful songs

    Tell your songs that made you think ----- Work-Jimmy Eat World
  6. crazykorean10

    Whats your Wrist band?

    You no those Livestrong wrist bands? post your color! mine is orange
  7. crazykorean10

    Sprite Thread

    Yea since the down fall of episudojo you can go here for sprites Post your sprites My personal favs(made by me) *edit* hey can a mod. pin this?
  8. crazykorean10

    Were is your stage in life?

    well i am gonna go to puberty(sp?) in 2-3 years also this is the years i get lectured about this *** test in Texas that i have to pass to get to the next grade My personal life isnt going to well either... my parents yell at me... brothers keep punching me... and the fact that my friends think...
  9. crazykorean10

    umm hey guys hehe.... i can explain

    well once i left my crappy dad said i could use the comp again i was like O_O and all i have bin doing is waiting so hello.....
  10. crazykorean10

    SS4 Gogeta Sprites

    Ok this is my last thread till awhile i edited some sprites and got SS4 Gogeta one if you every use any of these GIVE ME CREDIT cause i am the one who edited <img src="" width="511" height="82" alt="Image Hosted by" /> as you can i am not...
  11. crazykorean10

    Good BYE

    well my dad made me were i cant get on comp only for like an hour and so i leave GOOD BYE GUYS!! :tired:
  12. crazykorean10

    Maya 6.0 Unlimtited

    I checked the stickies to web for maya's site but no result for Maya 6.0 wondeing if anyone could give me a link of some sort to were i can get it? and another question: can i just dl it, not buy?
  13. crazykorean10

    Buster Sword-frist model

    This is my first model to show to you people plz give me critz *edit*spelled first wrong on...
  14. crazykorean10

    Skinning Tutorial anyone

    yea i am gonna get yelled at... could someone help me find a tutorial? O CRAP! *covers ears*
  15. crazykorean10


    This is a battle to see what is better and which sucks i am not gonna use this as my own way of thinking cause i have MS3D ------------------------------------------------------ MS3D ALL THE WAY!!!!!! :laff: :laff: :laff: :laff:
  16. crazykorean10

    Need some kirby pics

    I am starting to make a Kirby model and i need a pic for back right and left thx :yes:
  17. crazykorean10

    Need help with Jasc(w/e)

    Ok my photoshop trial expired and i have to use Paint to copy and paste my sprites :( but when ever i paste a picture its HUGE! it almsot takes up the whole frame dont think i am a noob just need help on pasteing
  18. crazykorean10

    Budokai 4

    As i read the interview in i saw a B4 thing they said that their thinking mught change over time makes a chance 1/100 lol but i am hopeful it is true
  19. crazykorean10


    My comp is messed up right now and when ever i go to it says its expired or something... i even deleted ESF just to make it go could someoe tell me if its down or not?
  20. crazykorean10

    Something that ticks me off about those GIFs

    When a new person to Flash,Jasac(SP),etc, THINK THAT ITS A SLIDE SHOW YOU HAVE TO MOVIE ONE BY ONE YOU HAVE ENOUGH ROOM IT ISNT A SLIDE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i first used Flash i ASKED someone to help.... which really didnt help so i went on asearch for TUTORIALS you should do that...