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  1. Ryokeen

    Small weather teaser

    So, after a long time, i managed to make a small vid. It's pure without logos and all, since some of you just wanted to see the weather system in action. As allways it's wip, but well lookey here
  2. Ryokeen

    I could not hold back :D

    So recently i stumbled across some very interesting tech papers from the upcoming PS4 game Horizon : Zero Dawn. They talk a lot about the techs they used to create their realtime clouds. They provide a couple of vids and a bigass powerpoint and explain(without code of course) how they shaped...
  3. Ryokeen

    [Old PotW] In the meantime last updated 5/13/15

    Well since there is no official POTW posted yet i thought i'd drop some pics here. Those shots(i know not enough clouds for rain) are heavy wip test of a wet surface effect on players and the map. And yep i know the players still look a bit like plastic, but that's up to the artists(lacking...
  4. Ryokeen

    Partially remade Gohan

    So i wanted now to finish gohan and remade the pants,torso and parts of the arms. Also made some other tweaks and had a first try on doing folds. I still need someone to uvmap and skin him^^ some wires and c&c are welcome^^ Edit: 2557 Tris atm
  5. Ryokeen

    Gohan release(no skin)

    I made a teen gohan some time ago but now i realised that i really can't skin. So i decided to upload the mesh.It's allready uv mapped so if soneone wants to skin him, here he is Edit: another Link
  6. Ryokeen

    2nd try at gohan

    I started a new gohan model, after i had to stop modelling the old one. 1 hour work, just the torso
  7. Ryokeen

    First Post, First Model

    So i'm new to this forum and i saw that many good modellers are around here. This is my first model,i used the 1.3 Gohan pic on esf-world as ref. Don't know if i'm allowed to use it, if not, i will use another one. So here it is, c&c please ^^