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    TES IV: Oblivion *spoilers possible*

    Like i said, absolutely nobody was around.. yet they still manage to find me out.. and this is indd not a consequent bug.. though it happens far too often.. I cannot imagine being the only one having trouble with this.. I know at least 2 friends irl who are experiencing the same problem...
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    TES IV: Oblivion *spoilers possible*

    Been playing longer than a week? If that'd be the case you wouldn't ask for an explanation.. but since you're asking for it.. here we go.. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS - Thieving and the police What they forgot to tell us in the manual, is that the police in Tamriel have allready created a...
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    TES IV: Oblivion *spoilers possible*

    Waited for this game the entire 4 years they were making it, and it will probably take me another 4 years to get over the dissapointment.. Played it through once with my mage, and about halfway with my thief when al hope seemed lost, and the urge to crawl away in a corner in fetal position...
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    Favorite video game music?

    Silver (pc) - RPG.. quite old actually.. Lands of Lore 2 - Guardians of Destiny.. (If possible even older) Morrowind FF7
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    More stuffs from me - Goku from Freeza saga and other stuff

    If you are gonna make an 18 that's looks nearly as good as your Goku, i want your babies..
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    Little help?

    The other day, a friend of mine and me made some movies of us at this party on his mobile phone.. Now the thing is, we tried to transfer the files to my PC, but his battery ran out before the entire movie was transfered.. The result being about 70% of the movie being on my hard drive (not...
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    No.. i didn't forget multiplayer.. but unfortunately multiplayer doesn't feature paranormal events, and that's what i think this game is all about.. I mean let's be honest, if you just wanna multiplay a FPS, there are better games out there.. :] Don't worry about the hallucinations...
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    Pretty good game.. can't remember a game that had me this scared since Aliens vs Predator 2.. :laff: I screamed aloud like a little girl at least 4 times during the game.. o_o Evertime the hud would show that nasty 'origin unknown' message, i felt a strong urge to crawl into a corner of my...
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    The gauntlet has been thrown down. its the EAR challenge!

    Isn't personal stuff like this supposed to be handled through PM's? :rolleyes: On topic: I think all the ears look quite good, much better than i could do em anyways.. cuddo's.. :]
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    The gauntlet has been thrown down. its the EAR challenge!

    Isn't personal stuff like this supposed to be handled through PM's? :rolleyes: On topic: I think all the ears look quite good, much better than i could do em anyways.. cuddo's.. :]
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    New PotW

    Looks nice.. :) Though i have to say i really don't like the skybox.. liked the old one better.. "To boldly go where no Saijan has gone before" :rolleyes:
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    Nice... :laff: Make an animation play that shows him waking up and running inside the house when he is hit by an explosion.. inside the house he would just disappear.. It would look kinda stupid to see an entire black and charred island, and roshi sleeping there, unharmed.. but i suppose...
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    Vegeta - WIP

    Looking good as always Kreshi.. 1 crit, the face on the vegeta models you showed a while back looked better.. Can't explain, they just had the authentic patented Vegeta look.. ;) Think the mouth is the issue.. might be that the fact that it's animated will make it look different ingame.. i...
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    Biology Man

    Any updates Kama or GG?
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    Frieza Disc: Chase Cam

    Don't like it.. Besides the fact that discs really suck (sorry, but lets be honest, they really do), and nobody ever kills anything but a noob with it (or someone caught of guard) this idea just wouldn't work.. Someone visible, not behind a mountain or something would get fried in an...
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    getting bored...

    I say stick with Cell.. There are like NO good cell models at all.. Perfect form.. and perhaps 100% perfect form.. (uber muscles..) :yes:
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    for when you hate your family members...

    Don't you guys have something called parents? If something like that happened between me and my sister when i was that age, my mother/father would have crusified us both.. and left us hanging on the livin' room wall for a day or 4..
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    Broly in ESF?

    I'll keep beamjumping away from you for like 5 minutes, (if that's even neccesary, cause if he's beefed up he's bound to be fast) and then give you a spanking.. no go.. Besides.. 100 pl a second? There is no way other players would be able to keep up with that.. after 1 min you wouldn't be...
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    map suggestion :)

    Well.. it doesn't have to look exactly like that... I mean, "new_vegeta" map Kama and GodGundam released with their brolly pack had kind of a ruined city too.. that would suffice.. I think al he's tryin' to say is that some "ruin maps" would be fun too..
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    Speed and such..

    No.. i get what you mean but i don't.. that file makes the chars fight when normally in 1.2 they are standing still.. Besides, it seems the team allready promised to do the same in 1.3, they said so in the outline... ( ? ) What i mean is the advanced melee 'arrows' themselves.. so the...