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    Sig question

    i was wondering how you i insert my gif sig cuz ive been makings sigs non stop and experimenting and decided to make a gif but dont know how to post it as my sig ...
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    My first 2 sigs

    Witch one do you think is better? they may be pretty bad cause im new to photoshop but please tell me what you think. my first one: my second one: my third one: my fourth one:
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    Learning To Draw DBZ/Anime

    Hi i was wondering if anyone of you know a good site to learn how to draw dbz/anime characters that is free cause im really interested in making my own characters but i have no idea where to start and any advice you have would be great! Also what do you think of my sig its my first...
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    How do i resize models?

    I found a brolly model i just need to know how to resize it because its way to big if you can give me quick instrunction that would be nice. Thanks, Black05
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    Brolly Dl

    Ive been looking all over the web for like an hour and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find a brolly model for beta 1.1 thanks. also if its possible please post a link. Thanks, Black05
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    Brolly Model

    Hi there guys i have a couple questions. 1. Is there a brolly modle out for beta 1.1? 2. what do you think my sig needs its the first one ive made and im new to photshop. thanks