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  1. Final Vegeta

    Yeah you prob dont want to hear this but..

    Any updates on the patch? Its taking quite long, i would like to know hows it going.
  2. Final Vegeta

    Final Flash-2nd form

    If i remember correctly when Vegeta&Goku were fighting each other while Vegeta was majin (duh) Vegeta threw a yellow Ball and said 'Final Flash' i think it should be added as a 2nd form of final flash since it was used in the series. Condidering the dmg, it would be less then FF beam form...
  3. Final Vegeta

    Increasing pl gain for 1.2.1 melee

    I thought about this a bit and yes it goes slow now but: If you gain more pl from melee, beams will never be used anymore. Then ESF would be even more of a *melee-based* game wont it? o_o I agree it should give a bit more pl, but then also give the beams a bit more, because if you...
  4. Final Vegeta

    Im not very sure this is a bug

    Well as stated above im not sure if this is a bug but here goes: I tested with a friend of mine, Gohan, seemfully i get tons of randoms when i fight Gohan in 1.2 melee. What we tested was: Normal Blows, Mid Blows, And Hard Ones. Pl we had was exactly the same since we both selected...
  5. Final Vegeta


    I found a bug in 1.2: If your swooping (with melee selected as the attack) and get hit by a beam, your attack sometimes switches to sensu beams, kinda strange and damn irritating.
  6. Final Vegeta

    Yes..another 1.2 thread

    Well this is kind of a suggestion, but heck ill try it.. I love 1.2 totally (accept powerstruggels etc, but enough of that I think the team got the idea bout that) Throwing however, i like it accept 1 thing, you cant counter it, if you get thrown, all you can do is hope he/she ends out of...
  7. Final Vegeta

    Steam question

    Is it possible with steam to make a server (so not dedicated) where you and your friends can play in? Everytime me or one of my friends create a server its a LAN server...and yeah thats not what we want! SO if somebody knows, help would be appreciated!
  8. Final Vegeta

    its 1.2 question day!

    1st off all great job and thnx alot for 1.2 on saturday! ;D I have a question about bots in 1.2. Are there bots available on saturday aswell or are they still WIP? And about the teleporting part, how long does it take before the after image dissapears? For example: if you have a...
  9. Final Vegeta

    Esf crashes when joining/making a game

    well 1st of all: ****ing weird! ESF installs fine, in esf itself fine, until i try to join or make a game, then poof to windows. Running the game @ opengl 1600*1200,tried to lower the setting... checked....ssdd. Never had this before. For some comp specs: p4 2400 mhz 120 gb HD 512...
  10. Final Vegeta

    Maybe sounds kinda stupid...

    Hell im not a model maker, and dont want to be...but i have seen such good models on threads that are getting closed every single time. Somehow always some bunch of ...... (not goin to type it), seem to spam cuz THERE troubles are ofcourse more important. So you could see this as a...
  11. Final Vegeta


    Ever i installed steam everything went bad so needed to reinstall everything now: I got your aura, but when i searched for the sounds (aura & teleport) the links didnt work anymore alsow checked on your webbie and didnt find em could you plz pm me or link em again so i can get them again...
  12. Final Vegeta

    Auto melee nice @ 1 side but...

    Now it relies on Ki, Powerlevel and the skill of the person. In 1.2, its auto,.....get my point? This would make melee boring to c urself swoop auto hit for 1-8 times (whatever how much) charge taking time again, then c a combo wich is nice to look @ maybe 3-4 times then it will get to...
  13. Final Vegeta

    Esfbot.dll bug!

    When i play with bots in ESF after 10-20 min Hl crashes and its cuz of esfbot.dll Reinstall doesnt work alrdy tried that, so anybody have the same error or maybe a solution for this? Thnx for your help anyways. (i searched topics btw and none found of this bug)
  14. Final Vegeta

    Request a wallpaper

    Well i would really like a great Vegeta walpaper as majin Ssj2 smiling (the evil smile he did to goku @ the tournament when he blew the ppl up) But not to ful with stuf just a nice wallpaper showing Vegeta's powah! And ofcourse maybe to spice things up for u wallpaper makers, maybe make a...
  15. Final Vegeta

    a question

    Ive seen many threads about why not Gt, or movie chars etc or some chars many ppl would like to have in, and yes everytime the team said no. Now i dont really understand this and this is why: The ppl that are playing your game is the reason why you guys still live+ still making new stuf...
  16. Final Vegeta

    Krillens scatter beam to strong

    Ive played in a serv where a 2 guys spammed krillens scatter beam they had same pl as me now heres the why its to strong part. one of those small (yeah go figure THE SMAL one) bals does 51 dam and they are homing i teleported 3-4 times it still homed me np bout that if its that homing but...
  17. Final Vegeta

    When struck by melee

    We all fly away miles and miles, yeah me finds that irritating too :D So i thought of somthing, in dbz goku (and i think everybody can do this) used some ki to stop instantly. So my idea whuz, when ur struck by melee you have 2 options: 1 to recover which takes a very small amount of ki...
  18. Final Vegeta

    Melee bug-IRRITATING (maybe gone in 1.2 if so dont bother reading this)

    I dont know 100% sure if this is a bug, but even if its not its still anoying as hell When you just meleed someone en he blocks then move away maybe 3-4 meters (map m) from you, sometimes you click ur right mouse button totaly to crap and you just wont melee, is this some kind of delay or a...
  19. Final Vegeta

    Vegeta trans pack modified needed!

    Hi there i have a request, mrtrick (in another tread) had some awesome vegeta screams (love those sounds thnx alot again for them) but if it is possible, i got a sound called r u ready now (which says: Are you ready now, to see a power not seen for thousands of years?) to link it with a cool...
  20. Final Vegeta

    Hl-CS problem

    Hi there i got a irritating problem which i tryed to solve but didnt work so here goes: If i make/join a server in hl or cs, i somehow have auto-strafe on (constantly walking as if im holding shift all the time) if i puss numlock off this is gone, but somehow then shift (walk) wont work...