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  1. Smeg

    ESF sounds effects used on Youtube video

    Hey Guys These your sounds effect's? :smile: Not sure if there is something you can do about it or not, just FYI
  2. Smeg

    Animation Blends

    Just watched the new Animation Blends video, WOW, Well done team, ESF sure is coming along long way since any of its earlier versions :D Keep up to really great work guys, looking forward to the end product ( if ever :p )
  3. Smeg

    Lan Game?

    Hi All Just would like some pointers if you know some. I am running vista and have a NetGear DG834G this is a 4 port router/modem 27000 through to 27015 are open on TCP and UTP on the router. sv_lan is set to "0" Everytime I create a server, nobody can see me on the server games...
  4. Smeg

    ESF dead

    Where are the servers? Total amount of people playing. 8 Bye Bye ESF it was a good game. Thanks for the good times.
  5. Smeg

    Overpowered Bug plus a few more

    I have noticed that if you have a head on with someone and get knocked back with "Overpowered" on the screen it comes up with the red and blue bar on the right hand side. Also you are tumbling away (nice animations btw). If you press left click in the middle of the tumble to get out of it then...
  6. Smeg

    Help me back on

    :laff: Well I had been having problems with my PC. It would idle for 5min and then blue screen. I replaced my 2 gig of RAM but was still doing it. So I got warranty for my old hard drive (upgraded the old 200gig to a new 16mb cache 250gig ) and I re-installed windows and now everything is...
  7. Smeg

    New 1.3 vid - maybe old

    Found this vid on youtube. Looks awesome, team has done a pretty excellant job on the little details..... Here
  8. Smeg

    Anime Character Model's

    Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you had create some anime character model's for ESF? I was thinking maybe..... well you guys like naruto... so maybe a naruto flying around shooting kamehameha waves and ki blast's. or maybe (what I am hoping for) a Alucard and Sera's model's from...
  9. Smeg

    Mp3 player crashing my sys

    When I am transformtion and going through the animation the mp3 player stops so that the transformation sound will play primarily. During the trans animation if I pull up the mp3 player and change tracks it will crash me back into windows with an application error. now I know the best way to...
  10. Smeg

    Steam Update fix for Australia

    This will probably get locked but at least I can offer help for all those that can't update steam. This work's
  11. Smeg

    Training to get better

    I am at this stage at the moment were I can't seem to get any better. Playing against bots isn't helping even the ultra guy that has a 25mill start off is too predictable. I play online mostly, but I can't get any better playing against n00b's who kick you off their server because you can beat...
  12. Smeg


    Hey Guys I know there are alot of us in Australia that are fans of this great game, but at the moment there is only one server that is viewable in steam. That server isn't the best :( but there is a server that can go up that everyone can enjoy, but they need our support. If we can get a big...
  13. Smeg

    n00b me to tears

    Hey guys I would like to report a bug.... well its sort of a bug... it bugs me anyway..... Well what happens is this bug only appears before somebody is about to die... Any way the person (we will call him n00b) will type something out like "F**k O** my mouse isn't working right" and then you...
  14. Smeg

    Running ESF through HL-source

    I know this might get flamed with ESF wont be on HL2 as you have told us millions of times, but I have heard, but not tested that there is a way of running ESF on the HL2 engine. When you get HL2 there is also the HL - source and so in that sence you can run ESF through the HL - source engine...
  15. Smeg

    Need For Speed Underground II

    Hey guys, is the game any good? I just wanted to hear from someone that has it if is worth getting. I have heard from some people that its good and others that is not so good. Has anyone got the game? is it worth getting?