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  1. Super Veggeto

    Need help with spec

    Hey guys =o long time no seen... I'm here to ask for your help. I'll be getting into the gaming/movie industry soon and I need a pc that can handle that. My current one is not able to do **** anymore =[ I want a PC that can also run the latest games on more than medium settings. I'm not...
  2. Super Veggeto

    Naruto Canvas Project

    So I've been working on these for the last month (sorry if I overdid it with the size D: ): Refs used: I used Acrylic paint on 60cm (w) x 40cm (h) canvas. Made them for my cousins (by their choices) and still have one more to go, which would be Itachi. I already gave those 4...
  3. Super Veggeto

    Heroes - Possible Spoilers

    Just love how some scenes looked extremely comic-like, like this one scene of Sylar standing on a rooftop, testing his brand new radioactive powers. I just had to do it: Well, I didnt do too much here, I screenshotted, enlarged, modified and painted over it for a stronger comic/painted...
  4. Super Veggeto

    Another Custom thingy... =x

    Not sure if you can call it a bug, but I'm also not sure it's intentional. It's kind of hard to explane but I'll try... Basically, the original model will always effect the custom model through the QC file, it seems. For example, if the original model has a loop command in it's QC file and...
  5. Super Veggeto

    Custom Models List

    As you can see I have around 5 models (including the original) set on the Customs list and it seems there's not enough room for all of them in the list. Actually there is just a bit but it doesnt seem normal in my opinion. I tried playing around with the resolutions to see if it changes...
  6. Super Veggeto

    Motherboard fan noises :'x

    My motherboard's fan has started making noises like it's working really hard, happens only when my CPU usage is really high, while playing games or encoding a video for example. I'm 90% sure it's the motherboard fan making the noises because everytime that this noise appears there's warm air...
  7. Super Veggeto

    Gogeta WIP

    So umm, Eclipse and I teamed up to make this Gogeta model as a custom for Vegeta in 1.3 (he modeled, I uvmapped/skinned) and...this is what we got: It's pretty much done, except for some small fixes and tweaks on the skin that you wont notice much =P Credits to GG and Kama for the...
  8. Super Veggeto

    Renzoku Bug

    I noticed when aiming at the ground, while on the ground with Vegeta and firing Renzoku, the ki blasts will back fire up. I would make a video but I'm lazeh atm ;o
  9. Super Veggeto

    Aura & Char screen bugs

    Not sure if this was mentioned before, the SSJ aura leaves an aura light spot on the ground...happens sometimes: About the Character Selection Screen, I'm aware it's still WIP and all, I just thought I should point it out cause my report follows with a question: As you can see here...
  10. Super Veggeto

    Random Drawing - 1280x1024

    Drew it a while ago, based on a dream I had =P lolz I had so many other dreams that I need to express in colors :p hopefully more to come.
  11. Super Veggeto

    Additive texture on Goku SSJ

    I tried having an additive texture active on a custom model that replaces SSJ Goku, and it turns the model flatshaded: I double checked with and without the additive texture, I can confirm it's the additive causing that.
  12. Super Veggeto

    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    In this thread I'm going to try and concentrate all the 1.3 custom made models so they will be easier to find/download and share. After all it's important that the custom file names will be the same for everyone so it will be as consistent as possible =] Every couple of weeks ESF 1.3 is...
  13. Super Veggeto

    HL/ESF Alphamap Textures

    I rarely post any questions here =P well, here's a first. I basically need to know how to make alphamapped textures that HLMV/HL/ESF will support. I know I need to make the background color black but thats not all there is to it, there's something else I'm missing to make it work, can...
  14. Super Veggeto

    Two Custom Model Feature Bug

    1. Afterimage of the teleport will show as the original model/character insted of the custom model/character 2. A person that doesnt have the custom model appears as the custom model. It only happend with one person...some that I've played with appeared as the original Vegeta as it should...
  15. Super Veggeto

    Happy Birthday Kreshi and Ravven!

    Two kickass artists! I wish you both best of luck and have much much fun =D Happy Birthday!
  16. Super Veggeto

    Could be a bug?

    Not sure if it's intended but I noticed when you perform some sort of an action, lets say for example using melee and then transforming rapidly, the animations will go over itself in every form, took a video, might explane it better.
  17. Super Veggeto

    Another Open Beta Mirror

    I know I had trouble downloading from all the current mirrors, I spend the whole day trying to download it without luck, untill Zeth downloaded it and uploaded it for me on the old ZEQ2 server so I'll share it with you guys.
  18. Super Veggeto

    Texture Swap for Models

    I never made a suggestion here =P but here goes... Not sure if it already has been implemented but I was curious if it's possible to have a feature that will allow to swap between textures of a character model for a specific animation. Think facial expressions, like switching a sub texture...
  19. Super Veggeto

    Vegetto Release!

    Horray! finally released P: Big thanks to Kenny who pulled off all these awesome animations and made this project complete. Thanks to Kreshi too for helping me out with the rigging and the bones since I had truble with it at first x3 And thanks to all the people here that critted this...
  20. Super Veggeto

    Happy Birthday Devion and Kong!!

    Happy birthday guys =D have a great one!!