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  1. Alelander

    I got banned from the Discord server

    I don't really know why, if any of you unban me please my name is Alelander#8476 EDIT: I'm pretty sure it was for profanity, please forgive me for my mistakes.
  2. Alelander


  3. Alelander

    It's the nutshack

    It's the nutshack
  4. Alelander

    I need help with ESF Open Beta Final

    When i start a new world it has the ESF 1.2.3 hud and character selection, how do I fix this? And also, how do you equip a custom model on ESF 1.3?
  5. Alelander

    Please support these guys!

    Hey, I would like you to support the people who are making ECX WOD, we need your help! We need some modellers, CCI Programmers, Spriter and animators. Please support us at: Please, we need help to make this project. :D
  6. Alelander

    CoreAlex told me

    He said he knew the ESF developers, and said that ESF Final will be released in september 15. Is this true?
  7. Alelander

    Are these characters i mention gonna be in ESF: Final?

    Gohan (Adult), Ultimate Gohan, Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed), Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed), Gohan Kid, Yamcha, Tien, Chiatzu, Master Roshi, Zarbon, Dodoria, Qui, Nail, Ginyu Tokusentai, Videl, Dabura, The Great Saiyaman, Goten, Kid Trunks, Mr. Satan, Dr. Gero (Android 20), Android 19, Cell Jr...
  8. Alelander

    Vegeta From DBS/ROF

    Here is Vegeta From ROF/DBS (Including super saiyan blue) for esf: (You need ECX RC2 + Big Pack) I did NOT make this full credit goes to LigtningTerror at Moddb: (cant...
  9. Alelander

    Trick or Treat smell my feet! gimme dat good

    Pussy (pls dont ban me)
  10. Alelander

    Best Anime/Cartoon is!

    The Boondocks...!!!
  11. Alelander

    I bet 10 dollars that they wont do this

    I am a huge fan of ESF. (Earth's Special Forces) And i'm wondering if you guys will release a video about transformations, how they work, etc. Give us something that will excite us. ;)
  12. Alelander

    Who wanna play Naruto Naiteki Kensei R1

    I love that game, but no one is playing it, so it gets boring. and the bots crashes the game. So i wanna play NNK R1 with some people Message me on skyper Username:Misteralex184
  13. Alelander

    Help please!

    Please help me, i want to get Earth's Special forces beta v1.0, but i cant find it! Link or a File would help alot! ;)
  14. Alelander

    To The Creators Of ESF

    How do you become a beta tester
  15. Alelander

    Have you guys checked this out?!

    Jerry小坏 Is making a addon for ESF Called: DragonBall ESF: Xenoverse. It look Fricking awesome! It has Story mode! Heres a link:
  16. Alelander

    What do you recommend?

    What do you recommend? Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Or Budokai Tenkaichi 2? I'm thinking of buying one of them, but i dont know which one ;|
  17. Alelander

    To the creators of ESF

    When will open? I know the website got hacked, but when will it open again?
  18. Alelander

    Help me remake a Scene From Dragon Ball Z in ESF!

    Hi I'm trying to remake where Gohan Goes SSJ2, But i need help, add me on Skype: misteralex184, Message me a server or Hamachi server, for ESF. You can choose if you want to be Gohan or Cell, I will upload it to youtube (If thats okay to you) And give you a shoutout. Thank you for listening...
  19. Alelander

    ESF 1.2.3 and Final Beta

    If anyone need the downloads to 1.3 open beta final or 1.2.3, let me know, and i will send it to you... 'Cause you know, the website's down and you cant download it.