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  1. Cap J

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Most people are probably know the drill, especially the old members. If you don't here's how it goes: Step 1) Someone makes a wish. Step 2) The next poster grants the wish but makes the outcome bad. Step 3) That person then makes thier own wish. Crappy example: Poster 1: I wish I had...
  2. Cap J

    Sword Discussion

    DEMAN EDIT: Moved posts from the pic thread about swords to here since they were threatening to take a few pages. Lucky, mine looks best short (like in the wedding pic), if it gets longer it just looks crappy. Heh, I was told by a girl I've known for years that she is jealous of how my hair...
  3. Cap J

    Horse Games

    I've been trying to look for games about Horse riding or Horse care, whatever, for my niece. I haven't been able to find any. Can anyone suggest some? No Barbie though or Disney. And no I don't mean torrents or other illegal downloads.
  4. Cap J

    Avast ye Scurvy Deman!

    Happy birthday Deman. :) Enjoy your 21st.
  5. Cap J

    Does that Raven look dusty to you?

    Happy Birthday Ravendust! Enjoy celebrating. :) Here, have a girl....or two....or three....<_< (Yes I know the thread title sucks. <_<; )
  6. Cap J

    Happy B-Day Arthos!

    Happy 21st Birthday Arthos! Have a great day. :) Here, have a couple of scantly clad ladies. ;O
  7. Cap J

    Mildly Irritating Problem

    Oh ye of greater knowledge, I kind of need help. Occasionally whilst using a program (most often happens with MS Word 2k3 but sometimes happens whilst playing a game) my display will go blank for a couple of seconds and then reappear but anything that requires more use of my graphics card...
  8. Cap J

    Happy B-day Tales : )

    Have a fun birthday Tales. ^_^
  9. Cap J

    Counter-Struck Pretty cool video. : ) Much kudos to the makers.
  10. Cap J


    Does anyone know of a good website that goes into detail about different Network Topologies? Details like speeds are good. Half the sites I've found are crap. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  11. Cap J

    What do we have here?

    Looks to me like G1 Classics Astrotrain. If the rest of the line keep up this quality then it should be very interesting indeed. ^^
  12. Cap J


    I was just doing some research on the 7 Layer OSI model for my Networks Concepts assignment and I came across this. Weird but I guess that's one way to go about it.
  13. Cap J

    The Weird Hat Thread

    Ok, I'm bored and it's it's 2:43am. Bad combination as I start coming up with things like this. Ok, the idea is that you take a photo of yourself with a weird hat on and post it. Try to go for funny. :P Until I find a better hat you can enjoy this old photo:
  14. Cap J

    Oh Noes! :O

    AxMan was brutally murdered by Overlord with a Dictionary! :O I got bored whilst playing Sleuth so I started putting in names of people from here. Out of the 2 games that I remember the victims were AxMan and Security.......and I think Overlord was the murderer both times.... For people...
  15. Cap J

    Just a quick something

    I have just finished reading the latest chapter in The End of the ESF Forums and thought it would be pretty cool if the ESF team made an ESF Forums map based on the story. It could be pre-attack or post-attack, whichever would work better. Pre-attack probably. Could also have a couple of generic...
  16. Cap J

    Story Game

    Well, I'm bored so I thought I'd try starting a new game. In this game You post 3 words that you want to follow on from the last posters 3 words to make a (hopefull) silly story thing. As I said, I'm bored. For example. If I posted "I was once..." then the next person could post something...
  17. Cap J

    Graphics Card

    I'm looking to get a new graphics card. I don't know what one would work best with my system though. Any ideas? My current system is: Athlon XP 2200+ 512MB (el cheapo) RAM Motherboard....uuhhh....pass. The box only says the make name "Mainboard" and the manual (which I don't know where...
  18. Cap J

    Need opinions

    I made a second version of my new sig as my bro said it would look better if the text started at the top. Which do you think is better? Original: Altered:
  19. Cap J

    Help with network

    Me, my brother, and my father had our computers networked using standard ethernet ports. Recently we upgraded the network to a wireless network with USB adapters. Both my fathers computers worked fine, installed and connected to each other. Mine and my brothers computers have been thwarting all...
  20. Cap J

    Eye Laser

    I was playing as Piccolo earlier (first time in a long time) and I was fighting some bots and I used eye laser on one and it did nothing. I decided to see if I missed so I put the bots onto idle, went right next to one, shot everypart of the model with the laser and it did nothing to him, it...