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  1. AmoN

    ichigo hollow

    Little try out thingy :D <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="projectje"></a>
  2. AmoN

    that bleach guy with the hard name.

  3. AmoN

    Valentine (i know its too late -.-)

    Yesh guys maybe a little late but here's a valentine sig: let me know what you think (K)
  4. AmoN

    CP9 Lucci

    u know what to do. ;)
  5. AmoN

    phew been a while... hope yall like it.

    from the anime (yea again) Blood+ . pls comment and crit.
  6. AmoN

    why even bother looking.

    dont be afraid .. burn it to the ground!
  7. AmoN

    fractal sig.

  8. AmoN

    Espada #8 signature

    i give up border wont show.. for ****ing **** sake
  9. AmoN

    Felt like posting something... again

    EDIT* oh damn this is wrong topix.. soz bout that
  10. AmoN

    tried sasuke

  11. AmoN


  12. AmoN


    crits .. and make em usefull
  13. AmoN

    neew Byakuya

    yea.. yea.. im trying to get away with the same idea again..C&C
  14. AmoN

    neew aizen

    used a pre rendered stock this time.
  15. AmoN

    wow its Aizen!

    Now this is interesting.. here is something i never did before.. i was watching bleach yesterday. episode 115 to be precise (yea i know im a lil behind; due to the One Piece series) when i saw a shot of my fav char in bleach .. Aizen.. i wanted that screen in a signature.. but i didnt know...
  16. AmoN

    nuttin to do today.

  17. AmoN

    4th hokage

  18. AmoN


  19. AmoN

    Eminem signature yay!

    oi i really like this one ^^ make some crits so i can make it perfect =D
  20. AmoN

    nothing to do.. soo.. new Portgas D. Ace sig.

    it doesnt seem to hard to make but.. look at the original stock. I rendered the render ^^ and added a fire effect to the hand =)