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  1. KrazyKarl

    Perfect Cell

    I think the model is absolutely marvelous. Just keep doing what you are doing and what you think looks good. I believe in you Masta!
  2. KrazyKarl

    Life Drawing Dump

    You have touched my soul I find the sketches to be rather magnificent! Each of them hold their own uniqueness and presence, which is important in art. You get these people who simply copy rather than interpret the image. Those types of sketches come out blocky and lifeless. But yours has...
  3. KrazyKarl


    just some constructive stuff i have drawn vegeta alot... he is my fav saiyan.... so in my opinion the body isnt bad.. but the eyes are a litte too square.. they need to get alot narrower as the get closer to his nose.... thats teh only main thing i noticed... yeah and the Majin M.... nicely...
  4. KrazyKarl

    Made up my own anime char O_o

    If you want my opinion, i'd keep the hair thats fine, give him a more defined jaw, give him ears, maybe a thicker neck, i'd lose the dress and maybe replace it with a trench coat or cape if u want that kind of effect, and maybe some better boots. Good luck! (and if you don't like any of my...
  5. KrazyKarl

    Vegeta models from DMZ and ESF

    I think mastas skinning is supurb, best one yet in fact... as far as vegetas little tan goes i dont think thats a problem at all i like it... i mean for those members who remember the first vegeta (the corpse) its much better to have the more normal skintone than an albino... and besides he is...
  6. KrazyKarl

    Naruto Wallpaper

    Dude, all of these are awsome, i love naruto (even tho im still waiting for the next episode) but even so i think all of your wp's are awsome, Kudos to you man!
  7. KrazyKarl

    Tribute to vegeta

    I think that its awsome... My favorite pic of vegeta, the "pain" one ,is in there and that makes me like it even more, i think if you tried to put something in the background it would only take away from the 7 different parts and would not be as affective, i like them seperate and in the...
  8. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    its just you
  9. KrazyKarl

    Negative ki bar

    Last time I checked you died when your ki reached zero... So its not like you can be in debt for energy...
  10. KrazyKarl


    If you had read the post it said that it would produce the last animation before the teleport.....besides why would you punch and then teleport?
  11. KrazyKarl

    Adult gotenks concept

    I think your drawing is remarkable! my only crit would be that he has no ass (or hipbones it seems like). However, seeing as how you wipped it up in 20 minutes. It still is an excellent drawing! very nice (light years better than I can do!)
  12. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    That little lump is some good ol' onizuka backfat, it was in the reference pic i used so i just try and draw what i notice... By the way thankyou all for props on the pic . it is very much appreciated!
  13. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    I see you like kenny too! that happens to be my next fav anime :)
  14. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    It's been awhile since I have drawn anything, but last night I drew this certain bad ass, those of you who watch (GTO) Great Teacher Onizuka know this guy, and for those of you who dont watch it...... you should, its the best anime i have ever seen.
  15. KrazyKarl


    That is badass... Great job, your my new hero
  16. KrazyKarl

    lol, i dont know what i made

    it looks like a table cloth.... what is it?
  17. KrazyKarl

    krillen's transformations...

    What they could do is have the normal bald krillin as the base, then when everyone assends to ssj then he goes to the guru part, then when they go ssj2 he can grow hair... however for him to match a ssj3 im thinking the esf team is going to have to something like switch his clothes and just make...
  18. KrazyKarl

    Raditz Petition!

    i say no to raditz, i think it would be better if they put in the boys (chibi trunks and goten) at least they are in DBZ alot more than raditz... Putting in raditz will be like trying to put in Chiatzu... who gives a damn
  19. KrazyKarl


    oookay, well u see my point... but i cant wait to see what he can do with his sword... thats going to be fairly tight!
  20. KrazyKarl

    Shen Long's appearance

    i dont think spicing up the appearance of shenlong is a bad idea.... i certainly dont think that it will just waste time, i mean it wouldnt be any longer than when the characters transform... so i think it would be a good idea..