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  1. samurai^Kurai

    Bankai Ichigo

    been working on this one for a bit, since i progressed pretty far i thought i'd get a few crits on him. 2326 triangles BTW: i am aware that some of the pants polies look like they arent serving any purpose, but after playing Blade Battlers for a while i noticed that giving the pants these...
  2. samurai^Kurai

    fma theater wip

    was bored the last days, so there you go, made a map based on the last action in fma, it is done in hammer 4.0 [meaning if i release it it will be for hl2/dm] and still heavy wip, havent been working on textures either now c&c plz Fma theater blocked
  3. samurai^Kurai

    about the new technique

    hi there esf maps use a new mapping method lately (no single textures anymore but complete floor textures splited in different parts) and then mapping the terrain based on that textures (at least i think so) is there a tutorial for that technique or can anyone try to explain the basics of that...
  4. samurai^Kurai

    Strange shadows o.O

    i had to remap these walls in my map, but now i have these strange shadows on the walls, how can i get rid of them? Shadow Bugs
  5. samurai^Kurai

    ESF Kamis Palace

    i got bored so I did a new kami map its still wip but here are some shots. the skybox is only the standart one, no comment on that
  6. samurai^Kurai

    Who plays 1.1?

    nah i got bored of stupid melee in 1.2 so i started to play 1.1 again. does someone of u also play 1.1 again?
  7. samurai^Kurai

    Powering up after BigBang/Other strong non beam attacks

    when your powerup imediatly after you shot a bigbang/ other strong non beam attacks (dont know exacly which, but spiritbomb has that bug also) it takes some time for the model to change the animation. so the model stays in the shot animation while there is already that powerup sprite around it.
  8. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Mod on ESF 1.2.1

    i heard from some people that they wish to have a new version of the cell shading mod i and my team did some time ago, so if you want/dont want a new version please vote on this poll
  9. samurai^Kurai

    Export Budokai 2 models

    hi, i wanted to ask wether it is possible to extract the budokai 2/1 models out of the ps 2 disc
  10. samurai^Kurai

    DBZ Gifs

    does someone know a good gif site for dbz? the gifs on the site shouldn´t be from a snes game, they should be from the series/films.
  11. samurai^Kurai

    Model problems

    when i join/start a server i don´t have transformation auras and the respawn ring when i´ve been killed when i open the console it says: couldn't open modelesf/models/...wrl i only have that problem in steam, not in normal hl
  12. samurai^Kurai

    Additive Texture prob

    hi, i have a problem. when i use additive "{" textures on faces it doesn´t get additive ingame it turns black. how can i fix this problem? please help me.
  13. samurai^Kurai

    animation problems

    when i do a animation for a model i get a nasty "cut" effect between the last and the first frame. how can i fix this? i use milkshape to animate. what programm should i use for animations?
  14. samurai^Kurai

    ESM Kami WIP

    Here is my kami map what do u think of it? PS: Copy and paste
  15. samurai^Kurai

    Piccolo 1.2

    i am working on a anime mod for esf 1.2 and wanted to ask if i am allowed to edit the 1.2 piccolo because its one of smos models
  16. samurai^Kurai

    Earth Map W.I.P.

    this is the first map i am making for esf. comments are welcome.
  17. samurai^Kurai

    Studiomdl & transparent dlls

    i am searching for studiomdl and the transparent ddls to make models transparent the link in the stickies doesn´t work
  18. samurai^Kurai

    Tutorials for 3D Studio Max

    Are there any good tutorials how to model with 3D Studio Max?
  19. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Addon v1.0 release

    if someone is interested Cell Shading Addon v1.0 is released if someone wants to download it go to
  20. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Addon Beta Testers needed

    we need some beta tester for Cell Shading Addon, if you are interested go to our site and join the forum for nearer informations check our site - - (its hosted on lycos at the moment but we are working on an new site so sorry for so much advertising)