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  1. NiTE

    Who do you hate the most?

    vegeta. cause in the frieza saga, he wouldnt stop talking about becoming a super saiyan. then in the andriod saga, he wouldnt stop talking about how he couldnt become a super saiyan and that trunks and gokou could, and in the cell saga, he wouldnt stop talking about ascending beyond super...
  2. NiTE

    The 'ESF style' threads

    lol i luv how u give popo a moment in the spotlight :D mr. popo rocked back in dragonball
  3. NiTE

    One Must Fall 2097 - Shadow

    who is he gonna replace? itd be cool if he'd replace krillin, and then change the scattering beam to shoot out shadows of himself :)
  4. NiTE

    Specialists 2.0 is Out!!!!

    lol Sparr, what were you smoking when you were thinking up that name? :D . most ppl call it the 90 damage kick anyways
  5. NiTE

    any mortal kombat mods?

    theres none that i know of. but u could try search around , there might be one in development that i seen before
  6. NiTE

    Specialists 2.0 is Out!!!!

    thats exactly what i do in dojo, get the kung fu powerup, and then attack with nothing but the jumping duck kick, and finish with the backflip, 5 frags + any bonus points for each kill. then i just keep running around doing that 2 hit combo til im low on health. then id either get to the health...
  7. NiTE

    Soccer Fans Look Inside!

    thx, i just visited the site and found out 2.0 was released :) . cool mod, only thing i hate is some of the players. alot of them will intentionally kick the ball in their own goal, go offside and/or steal the ball from ppl, or most often, stack the teams. its really fun when you get human...
  8. NiTE

    Specialists 2.0 is Out!!!!

    i could do a wall jump, but no matter how many times i try, i could never get the wall climb right. i also have trouble super jumping sometimes (could binding jump and duck to one key work?). backflip is an awesome way to finish off ur opponents, but u need extremely light gear to perform...
  9. NiTE

    Specialists 2.0 is Out!!!!

    gotta luv the new maps, especially chetaeu. just keep running up and down the stairs and grab a katana off the wall. someone kicks it out of your hand, just pick up a combat knife and start slashing :D i really like the kung fu. i just hope in a future version theres more advanced attacks. i...
  10. NiTE

    Matrix pt

    compared to those 6 other tests, these questions made it really easy to predict who i was gonna be <a href="" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="" alt="I AM NEO!!!" border=0></a>
  11. NiTE

    Those little banner things, i need help

    it has to be 600 by 200 and 100kB big iirc. to put it in ur sig, u hafta upload it up on a web host, then once thats done, click user cp, then signature, then attach ur sig image there
  12. NiTE

    GODZ for UT2K3

    well you can fly, use turbo, recharge energy, and launch energy attacks. thats basically the only similarities. they use their own original characters and attacks. for example, in esf, a beam would usually power struggle with an energy ball like a bba or sb. but in godz (ut version anyways), a...
  13. NiTE

    Vegeta vs. Kid Buu - SSJ or SSJ 2 ?

    i seriously doubt that vegeta didnt have the ability to go ssj2 when they were facing off against kid buu. i mean we all know that he did some amount of training in between the cell and buu sagas. and some of the stuff said in the anime leads us to believe that he has become stronger than gohan...
  14. NiTE

    Hl mods

    counterstrike, day of defeat, sven coop, the specialists, and international online soccer (may sound like a wierd concept, but its actually fun) im too lazy to find all their websites, so ill just refered you to moddb.
  15. NiTE

    Uh.. why is A17 in the end of DBZ?

    never saw that before. i guess that was cut out of the ocean version or something. didnt krillin use the 2nd wish to bring back 17 or something after the cell saga?
  16. NiTE

    garlic jr

    ebfp is a mod of bfp that adds a large cast of dbz/gt characters into one. plus theres english voices, music, maps and certain characters can trasform at the press of a button (kinda like the ascension/descension in esf) personally, id luv to see a garlic jr. he's one of my favourite villans...
  17. NiTE

    Stupidest Moment in DBZ

    i think the stupidest moment is either goku gaining psychic powers after training in the spaceship, or goku seeing everything that was happening on earth while he was fighting that heart virus.
  18. NiTE

    Gundam Wing

    there hasnt been any news on that mod since january. a shame, ive been waiting for that mod too :( . my favourtie gundam would prolly be the altron, it has so many weapons. the dragons on each hand, the flamethrowers in each arm, the dual bladed weapon, and a laser cannon on his back. plus i...
  19. NiTE

    Which DBZ char do u want to be?

    simple. enma. he gets to decide who goes to hell :laff:
  20. NiTE

    Legacy Of Goku 2

    ur right. u hafta beat the enemies in each characters level 50 door (except goku) and beat the game (goku's trophy). then if you fight in the cell games as him, im told you fight all the z fighters and then cell, and you get a special ending