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  1. Twigsnapper

    What did you get for Xmas (give for Xmas)

    If you celebrate that is. I bought myself a Fitbit Force to track my calories and health.
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    Sex Sent Me To The ER - TV SHOW

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know, a really stupid/funny show is going to be airing on TLC December 28th that will have me, Saru, Telling a story about how I put a girls head through a wall during sex. Yep they paid me a lot of money to tell this story and now they hired actors to portray...
  3. Twigsnapper

    Thanksgiving Turkey Tips... With Angie!

    Thanksgiving Turkey Tips...with Angie Saw this on facebook...honestly a bit disturbing how much it sounded like my old neighbor when I was growing up
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    Newegg -Black Novemeber

    For all you tech junkies...some decent sales all throughout the month. Figure I would post it in case you haven't heard of it
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    I hate my Birthday

    So happy freaking bday to me...Getting drunk...<3 you guys....except Zeo....Always hate the Zeo <3
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    Just out of Curiosity...anyone here read webcomics? Just curious as to what you all read. here is my list below - Great DnD style comic amazing artwork and great storyline.
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    Completed/ongoing Anime/Manga you Enjoy(ed)

    Looking to start up some light reading again at work. Was just going to post some of the manga/anime I have watched that I thoroughly enjoyed. So to give some ideas Kekkaishi - Light Hearted and the main characters has some instances of Yusuke from Yu Yu as well as Inuyasha from...
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    Calvin Harris Kicks girl out of club

    I don't know if many of you are into the EDM scene but I found this pretty funny. at a club in Miami called LIV, Calvin Harris (Dj/Producer) was playing and some girl started complaining and booing. He stops his set and asks her what is wrong. She yells at him saying to play something original...
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    Just out of anyone going to Electric Zoo in NYC? I know most of you aren't from around here but it is thousands of people all over the world coming so I figured I would ask. If you don't know what Electric Zoo is a link to watch...
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    Just wondering if anyone here plays TERA Online. It is a Free MMO. Somewhat interesting and intriguing by the different game play. I enjoy the timing based dodges and blocks that you can perform. Anyone else play this game?
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    This is why you do not text and drive

    Hi Guys. I was driving home from a major job interview when a car infront of me stopped suddenly on the on ramp of a major highway. I was able to slam on my brakes but the Ram 1500 did not see us stop due to texting and slammed into me. Was in the hospital the past 2 days with a concussion and...
  12. Twigsnapper

    Heroes of Newerth Does anyone here play HoN? It is a MoBa similar to LoL and DOTA but has some major differences such as creep deny and Hero Denying. Just curious if anyone else plays this and wants to join me for some games