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    New Ipod or Zen ?

    Well, I'm gonna buy a new Mp3 player, but I'm not sure which one I want. It comes down to either a new 30 Gb Ipod video 30 or a new Zen Vision M 30 gb Video. I've heard good things from both, and that the Zen Vision M is better in a lot of cases, but I'm looking for user preferences. If you own...
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    Your Opinion

    OK, so me and my friend are having this argument about which is better. The Navy Seals Or The Marines Personally I think the Navy Seals are better because they're used for more covert Op's type missions, while the marines are used for taking territory and such. I know thats not all they...
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    What lvl can you get to? lvl 16 is one of the hardest imo..and its where im stuck at now..=\ edit: im on 19 now :D
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    naruto ytmnd?

    anyone remember a naruto ytmnd where it says something like "lewl you cant fight tree" I remember seeing it here and i did a search but i couldnt find it anywhere, and its not in the old ytmnd idk..
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    Buu sound pack

    im trying to get ahold of a good sound pack for buu so that i can use this model correctly, got any suggestions?
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    Free Force-Pit Access!?!

    Have you ever wanted force-pit access, but been unable to access it due to lack of the 5 dollar donation or a paypal account? Well boys and girls this is your one time chance to get force pit access for FREE! Whats the catch you may ask? The price of laughter! The person who makes me laugh the...
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    1 hit wonders?

    list all your favorite forgotten 1 hit wonder bands/songs... Note:they dont have to be exactly 1 hit wonders..they could have had maybe 2 or 3...but if so..plz list them.. ill start.. Smashmouth - Walking on the Sun/I Get Knocked Down
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    Whos NOT romanian

    Well, I've asked around and noticed that in fact a lot of my online friends either are Romanian or are from Romanian decent. I myself am not at all Romanian, but as I stated earlier a lot of my online friends are, so i was wondering how many people here are like me, and are NOT Romanian.
  9. C whos school is doing it as well? as shown..schools in my town(tucson) have walked out for 2 days..prolly wont the 3rd..but who else's schools have wakled out?
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    your high school love?

    This is mainly out of a curiosity, and for the forum posters with actual experience. Lately I’ve been thinking about high school relationships. Everyone’s had high school experiences, and during those 4 years there MUST have been one girl/guy that you fell completely head over heels for. The...
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    just read the thread..its awsome..
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    ZOMG THIS NEEEEDZ TO BE IN 1.3!!!! :O!!!

    well.i was reading a bunch of suggestion threads..and was inspired to post my own here they go.. remember how goku ate alot in the show? well we should have small bowls of rice all over the maps..that heal your characters partially..and also give them small powerups...
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    *sigh.. i hopped on an ESF server just now..and owned some noob "uber[pie]" in his started running his mouth..and i never said a peep..until finally i said "u can stop running your mouth now" and he had some sort of amx command i guess..where it lets you mess with the clients...
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    the owned thread

    thats right ladies and the your favorite owned video's on perffer if you posted the links to them here..since i figure u cant really upload the videos to the page..i dont think that posting video links can be against the im gonna make this game...and if its...
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    forums suggestion

    howbout an advertisement section?...think about it..have u ever wanted to tell people on here about something, but been held back cuz of the rules?...well...howbout an advertisement a pretty simple solution..and would help people on these forums be able to browse for cheap...
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    Good quotes

    post em..anyones that u feel are good and have some sort of meaning..they can be about anything..doesnt matter..just post em aswell as where u got it from if possible ..ill start :) Right and wrong are not what seperate us from our enemies. its our standpoints,our differnt prespectives. -...
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    FF7 models for ESF before anyone goes on their rants of "omg use the search button plz" i DID use the search button..unfortunatley search only finds keywords..and if u look up models/sephiroth/cloud FF7 in the search button..u get ALOT of useless topics that dont really what im asking
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    does this link work for you?

    ok tell me what u see..for me it says the link doesnt exist..but for my friends they say it not sure what to it just my browser or what?...try it out and tell me Link removed
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    ever played GTA for the PC?

    have u ever played GTA for the PC and enjoyed the game..but felt that the game was missing one major part...multiplayer...well guess what some awsome guys are doing..theyre making a mod version of GTA SA for multiplayer..theyve already made it one for Vice City and GTA 3 :) so theyre no...
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    EVM client DLL

    ok...listen..ive gone around asking TONS of people...and i cant find please..when u answer this..dont answer with "omg dont DL EVM its crap" or "did u try Google?" or..."" ...nothing like that..cuz ive tried looking for the actual link THE a current...