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    artwork request for movie

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    i figured id give this bad boy a thread of his own now sitting around 1830 right now
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    )_) naruto models )_)

    whats with all these naruto models now =_= well i wanted to get in on some of the action consideering i never post anything eher any more [without someone complaining saying something is wrong and dont happen again gir >;( ] well heres something i started a while ago but never finished due...
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    what do you think
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    trying to learn brushing o_O

    umm yea like the title says
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    i know another goku -_-

    well anyways ive been bored recently and i decided to work on an old goku model which i stopped a long time ago after some revamping and a new render i got this im gonna try my best to finish this one
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    japanese translation

    anyone know any places that have english to japanese translation but into phonetic japanese so it can be read by people who dont know the characters
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    first skin in awhile

    well i needed to get back into skinning and i did so with dendza's fat buu mapped and edited a little in max skinned in photoshop
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    yet another new sig

    i finally got max rendering to give something nice as a result
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    OMGz super hard model

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    new sig

    well yea new sig
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    another model

    well i decided enough of that goku and dbz, its time for naruto ;\ since nbp did me wrong im gonna do ntp now and my first work is this poly count is fairly good(1370) and im not quite done with the skin but i really wanted to learn how to do paint and ink
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    yet another model to my un finished list

    well i started that vegeta awhile back, and it went nowhere. i did that same with a cell and i got a lot further on that buu. i made that goku and well i finished it but i didnt do anything after that, untill i decided that i wanted to redo do it with my improved abilities. hopefully this model...
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    ..... yes another.....

    well i have actually been trying to make this for like the past month but i never got around to it, and when i would model it i would only do a little bit at a time but this is whati have so far
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    my new siggeh

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    my new model

    ignore the ref from behind the model becaus ei didnt really follow it
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    new model

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    new gohan model

    well this is what ive done so far
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    my new model

    well this is my second my model ive made
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    well this is a little thing ive been working off and on for awhile and lately ive wanted to finish it so i worked more and got almost the whole thing done in like the past 2 days