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    Code Geass R2

    he died the way he planed in the anime, he sacrificed his crownship and hes ideas so the people of japan and the other party could live happy lives =]
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    FX Editor Continued, Status Update

    great and impresive long time since i browsed these forum good to see the project is till going =] and updating it'self ;p
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    Open Beta Torrent Seeding

    my uploading speed for others im my country 1.52 mb for other peeps outside the country 45 95 kb/s
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    Vegeta's Brother

    nice movie veryy good for a first start :]
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    esf_riverside, made by me!

    nice map great work i like the textures and keep on working on it it's gona turn great ;) if you hang on on it
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    $10 for GMOD?!

    that's horrible to bad that mod was very awesome manipulting diferent objects persons etc :smile:
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    Whos from romania ?

    Bucuresington :D :smile:
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    Whos from romania ?

    im from romania :]
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    Another Rediculous AF Joke

    lool looks like the world is really screwing up lool :laff:
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    No Talent? No Money? Want Force Pit Access? [READ!!]

    LOL now that was stupid :) i vote for Hammpu TO make the competition a bit harder >:)
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    No Talent? No Money? Want Force Pit Access? [READ!!]

    vote Andreyesf
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    Big Crater

    well can't something be done to not change the game engine that woul be very awesome if they could do this things
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    Yep it's real sickining asking every day when ESF 1.3 comes out when wil come out will come by then be pacient and stop anoing the team thats all :] :D
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    How much can you benchpress?

    i am 20 years i have 80 kg weight and i bench press with about 66 kg only do 4 reps about 6 lifts
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    Well ima like to sayy Vegeta that's a mean dude :devgrin: