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    Swords in ESF...

    Dude, I just had one bonner of an idea...What if after they come out with the new version of ESF....what if someone has the gual to make a He-man model for Trunks? You know...the sword thang goin on?:cool: hehehe I know, I'm either stoned or stupid cause their ain't no way He-man is comin on to...
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    trunk's hair

    The answer is yes, but I forgot whom.
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    How to stop block whores?

    Sometimes people are not block whores because they are unskilled, but because there is so much of a difference in ping between the two players that when it comes to meele the ping pretty much decides who wins the fight. As for getting around the block here is what you do: Are you aware of the...
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    trunk's hair

    I have posted remarking that it makes him look like Bart Simpson before, but I kind of help it I bring in a screenshot for backup, ya know?
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    improved Vegetto

    Nice, really nice.
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    Perfect Cell

    Polygons! The arms and legs need more polygons!
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    What are your gaming names

    Particle-man, and every so often Q-ball.
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    Future Releases Q (& hopefully A)

    I like the finishing Buster as it is. When PSing I use it like the Special Beam Cannon: I fire one directly at the person shooting a Kame at me and they get into a struggle with my ball. then I move off to the side and fire another one at da mo fo while he be PSing with my first one. (hehehe)
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    Bomb iraq !

    Bite your tounge, Karde.
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    Gogeta...yea. I think it would be cool if Gogeta and Gotenks(yes to already fused worriors) did the fusion dance themselves. Funky hungh?
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    Bomb iraq !

    (I need a little smiley that is pinching the bridge of its nose and sighing coz that's what I'm doing now.) Making war is one thing, but you stupid **** for brains mother ****ers don't have enough respect for the sheer ****ing power of a nuke!!!! Dumb asses. ;( *sigh*;/ Look, I'm not...
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    Male or Female

    I don't know when I started watching DBZ. I think it was in the middle of the Cell saga. I first found out about ESF beat 1 from gamespy, who in turn lead me to File Planet, who in turn gave me the whole shabang. And it was then that I realized's just SO GOOD...
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    Gotenks Model Release

    There goes the neighborhood.:rolleyes: j/k
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    Transformations and Server Time Limits

    The noobs don't annoy me that much, unless there is a swarm of them:shocked: . Then it is time to carpet bomb the map, or nuke it either one is fine. The most amusing noobs are the ones who don't know how to melee. They try to, but they just don't know wich button is the attack button:p ...
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    Adult Gohan

    No no, he's got a point this time. His power level may have been through the roof, but because he didn't really know what he was doing due to his lack of practice and ACTUAL training the difference in power level didn't make up for all that much. I mean, having power is one thing, having...
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    Piccolo's Cape

    lol yea, Piccolo the jiggalo!
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    Get rid of Krillin

    I agree, though his transformation be lame let his acts incur greatness.(lol):talk: Beam, shot it's all the same to me.
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    Get rid of Krillin

    Oooooooh! Piccolo's Scatter Shot! I use that thing to carpet bomb whole sections of the map. Never actually kills anybody mind you, but it keeps them pinned down. Very useful when you are outnumbered. Gives your allies those few critical seconds to charge up a Kame or something like that...
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    Transformations and Server Time Limits

    The fun is over before it has even begun! My brothers: I have a dream!(well it is Martin Luther King Jr. day isn't it?)
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    My failed ssj2 goku :(

    LOL! Just lemme snap some o' those twiggs witha baseball bat!:fight: If all else fails: A)bort R)etry F)ail I)nfluence with a hammer!