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    LAN Ideas?

    At my college we usually have a free period around 12pm, so I take in counterstrike and so on. Now I have half life and ESF and we play them nearly all the time but I was wondering is it possible for someone to make a trainer? so we can turn our power level up and change the speed we fly easier?
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    I play the 1.2.3 version quite a bit with my brother on our desktops, we only play lan and seeing as its just the two of us against bots its kinda hard to gain Ki so I was wondering are there any console codes? that someone could PM me or something, because in 25 mins we only got to like Goku...
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    Can you help me play?

    I have half life one installed from ages ago but problem is its installed in a valve directory I have steam but I did not get the game off of steam, I installed ESF and ran it and it starts up fine but as soon as I create a game to fight bots it crashes and says "Error failed to authenticate"...