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    Beam Jumping

    I remember watching the 1.1 trailer with my good friend Genesys and saying "cool, cool, cool...what the hell is that?" That was our first glimpse of beam jumping. It looked ridiculous. We could barely remember ever seeing anything like it in the show. It didn't seem to fill any gaps in the...
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    Congratulations harSens!

    12 months exactly since your last Dev journal post! ;) Congrats
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    Beam Firing Bug

    I don't know if this is even possible, but it did happen to me once. I was charging a beam (could have been final flash I think) and someone swooped at me from out of my vision to the side. Now, they didn't enter any kind of melee, but they swooped across from right to left RIGHT in my face...
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    So...April Fools are we?

    So...Mastasurf's April Fools day joke... So everyone had a laugh, haha, beta testers. Did anyone look at the bit down the bottom? It is an April Fools joke after all... Sure it's not being released Friday Masta *wink, wink*
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    Beta Testers

    You know, I just realised that in any of the versions that have been up-and-coming over the past couple of years, I've never seen or heard anything about "leaked" versions. I guess that says something about the beta testers then? like nice job? Or does pcjoe and harsens put evil virus' or...
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    Vegeta..why not?

    So, I was thinking at random while replying to lot's of n00by questions. Anyway.. I thought about it, and Krillin, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Master Roshi and even Trunks once all use Kamehameha. So, it occured to me to wonder why Vegeta didn't learn it as well. My obvious choice would be pride...
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    Devil-haters, you want to read this.

    I was just playing in an EVM server earlier. Now I ran into Devil crashing the EVM servers before, he said his motivation was to make them release the server pack. Anyway, that's old history... So I'm playing in this EVM server, and one player has of course, used the dragonballs, has a power...
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    Referrals, eh?

    So...My Administrator...I was wondering if there were any prizes or rewards available. :P But since there probably aren't, what do people think would be cool prizes for say, refering 100 new users? PS: <---down the very bottom
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    Hey, Mods or Tyrants?

    I mean really. I've seen much worse (or more to the point, more pointless) threads than that gift from god thread. To take an example, what about the infinite love and hate threads? Not that I have anything against them, but I don't see they have much more point than that one. Or an infinite...
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    Does anybody else find this in servers?

    All too often I join a server, and start playing. And it's all good. Then, after I start beating the server owner, he start abusing me, with some kind of insults, racial or miscellaneous "whore" insults, then tell you that you suck and they can kick your ass and then when you cane them severly...
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    Log Recording

    Not sure whether this should be in server or off topic, but I figure the guys in server will know. Is it possible to record a log of what gets said, and who gets killed with stuff in a server if you're a client? I mean, apart from recording demos. I'm thinking more along hte lines of a text file.
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    Minor Melee Suggestion(s)

    At the moment, when you switch to another weapon from melee, you no longer have a target. I believe it would improve gameplay if your current target was kept even when you were not using melee, subject to the same conditon (ie, you lose your target when he dies or gets too far away). This...
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    That was rather silly... Hibiki, I don't believe anyone said they were completely scrapping the current melee system. In fact, I don't think they've said very much about it at all, with only the pictures in pcjoes dev journal to look at. Unless you know...
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    Power up idea, why didn't I think of this before?

    When you power up to gain Ki, why not make it relative to the servers average power level, in the same way that beams are? So that really powerful people kick up stacks and stacks of dust and rocks (sort of like a way of showing off your power) and people who are sort of crappy power level, do...
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    Power Struggling guys broke it!

    Well done, no longer can you get hurt in block struggles of have annoying people detonate the blocked blast in your face. However, it seems like the problem has been handballed to power struggling. People are sometimes able to detonate energy attacks in a power struggle by flying into them...