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    Please help

    Does anyone about the specifics i need to know to make my own animations? Like framerate, length, etc. Also, when making models, how do you know how big to make them? Finally, does anyone know where I can get a plugin or tool to export to .smd from 3dsmax 4 ?
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    Animation Questions Cont.

    Okay, now that I know the basics of animating from that sweet @$$ thread that was stickified, how do I port an animation from a .smd into 3dsmax for editing?
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    Help me. Stupid Internet.

    Listen to this crap, for some reason, as soon as I installed Tweak-XP I went from a steady 45ms ping on almost anyserver, to like 200-400!! I have broadband, I tried resetting the modem, and also system restoring to points previous to installation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    my n00bish sig

    yea, im an amateur at everything :-/ some *SOFT* crits would be helpful :-p
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    odd problem

    okay this is kind of wierd but, for some reason, i can't start a lan or internet game sometimes . Not all the time, but only sometimes. And when I cant create a game, I also can't join any. But then other times the game works fine, it's really odd. It goes to the console screen, and it gets as...
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    sweet model, needs eyes though
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    Suggestions please.

    Okay, so I know about the basics of modelling in 3ds Max, and I definetly want to make some models for esf. The first mini-project I'm going to start working on is modifying the gohan model that comes with the game (much luv and props for the ESF team :-D ) to simply have a more ssj2 look to...
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    modeling with 3dsmax

    is it possible to model/export with 3dsmax? what are the polycount restrictions? Any tutorials? I would have searched for this b4 i posted, but considering "3ds" is only 3 chars. i couldnt :-p
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    okay here's my problem/situation. I have a 64mb gfx card, and a 1.5 ghz pc, so why can i only run at ike 60fps? I know it must be some sort of filter on HL or something. Help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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    hey how do you go about modifing the .mdl animations, like what programs are used, etc.
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    Very odd.

    Okay im playing with this guy today, he was wearing an AzN tag, and i see him continuously ascending and descending to ssj. All of a sudden, he yells "IVE GONE PERFECT". So i calmly say "Yea, so? You just press z". Then i realized he only had like 2 kill and 3 deaths with vegeta... meanign he...