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    Senzu bean's ideea

    When one bean is found you must wait 30sec(or 1min) until the next spawn. I like that idea. I mean not many Maps even have Sensu Beans.
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    Mutiple ESFs

    Install ESF and EVM somewhere,than give it another name an copy it in your steam folder :talk: in steam you have to guess what game you choose :(
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    latest esf 1.3 beta patch;78635
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    Models(maps) request

    That is ESF 1.3 Openbeta.. Download it and you have all the effekts and models and maps :laff: But DON'T overwrite 1.2.3 with 1.3.
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    Open Beta :: 30/4/2007 Release

    Buy Hl1:shocked:
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    Open Beta :: 30/4/2007 Release

    Now it works :] :] :] :] :] :] thanks :laff:
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    Open Beta :: 30/4/2007 Release

    Can't install it Error: half-life\esf_openbeta\liblist.gam: unknown version and i have the 9/4/07 version.
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    ecx movie

    Work's for me. But 180mb zipped and 644mb unzipped for A THREE MINUTE movie?
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    Korin's Tower

    I doubt that. Because there are still tons of bugs left and 1may is in a few days..
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    Gogeta WIP

    don't know if that's allready said before but: the forearm is bigger than the biceps..
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    Advanced Customization.

    Maybe like that? models/player/custom/goku/gogeta/sounds models/player/custom/goku/gogeta/sprites models/player/custom/goku/gogeta/models Of course you have to find the sounds an sprites by yourself :talk: Xml will look like this: <replace original="kame_charge"...
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    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    The last update was 1Day ago...i dont think he has any big updates yet ;)
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    Icq problem

    I have allready tried that..doesn't work
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    Icq problem

    I can start it normally..but when i click on a contact to open the chatwindow,icq shuts down.Can't find a sollution for it,searched everywhere.
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    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    Any plans to make a Brolly?
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    Gogeta WIP

    What forms will he have? Can't wait to play with him :shocked:
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    Esf 1.3 Video :)

    I made this video when 1.3 was i released it :) It's not the best..
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    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    Super Vegetto whats your next model? You haven't give us any updates for nearly 2days :( I think you should add a bardock-Gssj(of course battledmg) to your bardock because when you transformed 2 times,you are goku again. What do you say? :)
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    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    Sv do you make your TeenGohan and Vegetto compatible to 1.3?
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    ESF 1.3 Custom Models Thread

    What about making gogeta? replace goku Normal Ssj Ssj2 Ssj4 Just a suggestion^^