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  1. AscensionX

    Appraisal for 1.2

    Just wanted to say that ESF has become my new favourite game (again) since the 1.2 edition has come out! I love the detailed animations! The new sounds rock! The new melee roxs! I love the little finishing touches like wall jumping and the single shot generic beam, the tracers on the ki...
  2. AscensionX

    Darktooth, Read This Now

    Foreword- hey seriously wtf is going on with your moderators. They have shut down three of my threads in the modelling forum, I just re-read the rulez about posting and I don't see anything in there that justifies it. *gives finger to 'models forum' moderators*-the ones that shut my posts...
  3. AscensionX

    SSJ2 Aura - Get it here.

    The Aura does work with 1.1, for those of you who don't know what i am talking about, you MUST DOWNLOAD THIS FILE!!! Get it off my Friend Hawki_ice's site. ( Heres the Aura. <TABLE...
  4. AscensionX

    Hi Magus

    WHERE THE HELL IS THE 'requests' forum? lol i have nfi where it is. And i was Merely asking for help with a sound pack. I've already started the model, the plan was to start the thread first and post pics according to the peoples responses. Delete this if you want, i dont see how closing it...
  5. AscensionX

    Perfect Cell

    Are there any current perfect cell models around? If not, who will help me make one? if so, post the link. P.S the second edition of the SSJ2 aura will be out probably with beta 1.2 (im mkain it :P)
  6. AscensionX

    Get the SSJ2 Aura HERE

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Released!</TABLE> I am not sure whether or not people are viewing the original thread, so instead I've put up this one. Get the Aura from my (crappy) geocities cite. Considering the file is a zip 14kb large pretty much the whole community...
  7. AscensionX

    Pikkon And Piccolo Models

    Been thinking about making a pikkon model (possibly for buu or freiza), or changing piccolo to be buu or frieza, as they have a second form, this would present the possiblity of having 2 models of piccolo, one with a cape (and decent animations), and one without the cape, where he is beefier...
  8. AscensionX

    How do you get the game to recognise aura colours??

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Hi everyone, well i am just posting to see if anybody has the know-how about the game to understand how the mod recognises which auras to use for each character? if i could figure this out then i could make a proper version of a ssj2 aura...
  9. AscensionX

    The Aura is Finished

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Well, after a 'long' wait, the aura is finished. The colour's work perfectly, the animation looks good. The only drawback is that i can't code it into esf, so the colour you choose for your aura will be used for all of the characters. So...
  10. AscensionX

    Ssj2 Aura Colour

    OKay, I have finished the compiling issues with my ssj2 aura model. The only issue now is to decide upon the colour. The colour selected will be THE ONLY COLOUR the aura is in game. It will also be used WITH ALL MODELS. i cannot change this because i am merely mortal with respects to...
  11. AscensionX

    I have created a SSj (2) lightning aura

    Okay, i have opened and used the original aura file, and then created some new faces with lightning skinned onto them. I have then animated them to move around the model each frame. I need help 1) compiling the model 2) possible coding problems. (ie, each char determines whether or not it uses...