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  1. samurai^Kurai

    Bankai Ichigo

    thanks for the comments guys, i hope i have some spare time today to fix him up a bit, schools eating me up at the mo.
  2. samurai^Kurai

    Bankai Ichigo

    been working on this one for a bit, since i progressed pretty far i thought i'd get a few crits on him. 2326 triangles BTW: i am aware that some of the pants polies look like they arent serving any purpose, but after playing Blade Battlers for a while i noticed that giving the pants these...
  3. samurai^Kurai


    no. i pretty much think he means how to disable ("nullify") hitboxes of map models.
  4. samurai^Kurai

    Simple Render Thread.

    after ive seen all 46 episodes of blood+ in one go i was kinda motivated, so yea =D
  5. samurai^Kurai

    Hinata - Half-Life 2

    the nose looks a bit pointy from the side view, you should add at least one more row of polies. if its for hl2 make sure you model the metal part of the protector, looks kinda cheap with colored polies so far,dunno if you where planing that ^^ the lower part of the jacket look quite unnatural (...
  6. samurai^Kurai

    Modeling helper

    infact thats what i do all the time. pack a new .zip, rename it to pk3. never had any problems with that.
  7. samurai^Kurai

    Naruto model ( pre 3 yr gap)

    he looks a bit chubby, cause of his cheeks. also his upper body should be a tad longer
  8. samurai^Kurai

    Wally limits

    its not wally that restricts 512x512, its the half-life engine. try using a 1024 texture (which is possible with wally) and you'll see half-life crash when you load the map
  9. samurai^Kurai

    Hollow sphere tutorial

    maybe it doesnt lag for you but it defenitly will for ppl with slow comps, joining kong and cold use triangles.
  10. samurai^Kurai

    Painting surfaces?

    those groundtextures are split into huge 512x512 textures, containing everything from grass to dirt. the effect of the textures "flowing" into each other is done in a gfx programm like ps or psp
  11. samurai^Kurai

    Germany 0 : Italy 2

    Germany > Italy forever the 2nd goal was completely unnecessary, seemed like germany lost their fighting spirit with italys first goal T_T
  12. samurai^Kurai


    i'd suggest staying away from that blockish terrain design, smoother terrain would spice it up some more. im with the others on this one: change the skybox. nice for a 2nd try keep it up =D
  13. samurai^Kurai

    What if Goku, Naruto & Luffy were all in the same game ?...

    looks interesting, finally we get a jump superstars clone in 3D xD
  14. samurai^Kurai

    Power Level Bug

    thats due to the server average PL damage is calculted based on the average PL if there is one high PL player and one low PL player the average is the exact middle of both values thus medium damage for the high pl player. however if a few more low pl players join the average PL drops and the...
  15. samurai^Kurai

    CgC comp- 32 -Dark Ninja

    nice TF im wubing the concept. keep it youre getting better and better
  16. samurai^Kurai

    LemmingBallZ Goku

    md2 is an open source model format since id released the q2 source. its a quite common used model format however it lacks features and falls far behind smd. animations look nice booler. but heh like i said on the lbz forums i liked your old goku better ;) hope you can show us some ingame...
  17. samurai^Kurai

    Check it.

    do you use steam?? if not thats the prob. if you do: you need to start a mod at least once for amxx to recognize it otherwise you'll get an empty list
  18. samurai^Kurai

    Bleach BG *spoiler*

    same here. looks realy tight however the low image resolution restricts me to use it on my desktop (1280x1024), res of my school pc is low enough though, thus illl use it there hehe :3
  19. samurai^Kurai


    i finished my uvmap however its my first one i ever release to the public, there may be flaws and such, if there are let me know what i did wrong and how i can improve. just bare with this one untill a pro map is released xD
  20. samurai^Kurai

    Simple Render Thread.

    my 2nd character model, sanbantai taichou ichimaru gin yea i know belt colors wrong atm didnt bother to change it ^^