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  1. MajinDruu

    It's Important to Shave Everywhere Guys!!!

    I aint brave enough to shave that , its too damn important. I trim.
  2. MajinDruu

    What if there was a zombie epidemic?

    Well , I'd arm myself with every airosol can in my house as many lighters as I could find , and some newspaper. Wrap 1 airosol can in newspaper light and throw. Phase 2 , wear sweaters and as many pairs of jeans as I think I could run in at once. Next would have to be get the longest...
  3. MajinDruu

    Character suggestion list

    The team said they would be balanceing transformations in OTHER ways than number of transes. I say let them do there thing before you jump in with that dude. Thats a bug not a suggestion dude :P I agree more attacks would be good. However it depends if they actually work in testing or not...
  4. MajinDruu

    DBZ Hair Tut

    Why go any further?! Release that as a ESF Model PLEASE! Anyway , on topic , thats a big help. Thanks mon.
  5. MajinDruu

    Just.. watch this

    **** happens , I'm not going to live long enough to find who or what did it... But HELL I wouldn't put it past the government of the USA. Whats the death of a few faceless people that I never have to see when it means money and leverage?
  6. MajinDruu

    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    Ahh the perfect rationality of orcish mentality... Gather friends... and bask in it's glory...
  7. MajinDruu

    The Lion king?!

    Speaking of blatent ripoffs , Kid Buu is OBVIOUSLY a blatent ripoff of the "Ed" Hyena. Even if the Lion kings storyline was a ripoff , they still did the voice acting , animation , and singing BLOODY well to make it sutch a hit. I mean , what storyline film doesn't have Parent killed...
  8. MajinDruu

    The Lion king?!

    I'm not talking about who made the plotline dude , I just wanna know if you like it. I say LK gets the Thumbs ^zor
  9. MajinDruu

    The Lion king?!

    Is anyone else still a fan of this movie? I have to admit its one of the only movies I will be forced to watch with my younger sister and actually pay attention to. Random thread but , I thought I'd ask. Never know , might start a revolution! But hopefully not...
  10. MajinDruu

    As Much As I Hate Emo People...

    Teenage Mutant Emo- Wait thats normal. ...Pet turtles? I can do that! Edit: Someone help , I need this tune on my iPod. Is it possible?
  11. MajinDruu

    As Much As I Hate Emo People...

    The only Emo worth mentioning. YOU MIGHTY MOSHIN EMO RANGERS!
  12. MajinDruu

    What would you do?

    "NO , FOR THE LAST ****ING TIME , I AM NOT GOING TO SAVE CYBERTRON WITH YOU! GO THE HELL AWAY!" What would you do if your girlfriend morphed herself into your cat everynight so she could spy on you?
  13. MajinDruu

    What would you do?

    Sell the woman to a knackers yard and pay a prostitute to sleep with the man. What would you do if your computer developed a personality and fell in love with you?
  14. MajinDruu

    Another San Andreas Lawsuit - Illinois

    I'm happy I'm British...
  15. MajinDruu

    Martial Arts

    My friend taught me how to punch block and reverse even the best of throws. I work on that as a fighting style. I sparr with him quite a bit but neither of us have the funds to go lern anything major. Basically , I'm happy that I know how to fight above average and I'll stick with that.
  16. MajinDruu

    Return of Jezus? What will he look like =p

    ZOMG! TEH LORD IZ COMMING! We have to train in the hyperbolic time chamber!
  17. MajinDruu

    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

  18. MajinDruu

    Post Your MMO Acc/Char's

    Euro WoW Dunemaul Alliance (suck) SO I'm Horde :) Kadrasta (the great) 58 Priest Troll. (My main) NeoAngelo (the better) 42 Warlock Undead. (Only used for tailoring.) Baltek (The Ownage) 21 Shaman Orc.((SHAMAN ARE TOO F***ING POWERFUL! NERF ME! currently leveling)) Kehah (The un used) 32...
  19. MajinDruu

    Heh... why didn't I get WoW again? :D

    Roleplay relms rock... You don't even have to level up , you can just go round instulting people that can't ACTUALLY do anything to you , and all in good RP spririt! *Cough*
  20. MajinDruu

    New World of Warcraft Picture Thread.

    Level 57 , Was *** , All my stuff was *** and my Priest looked ***. Level 58 , I cashed in my debts and about re wired my ENTIRE armour set. How so? I present to you... Kadrasta Reloaded: I do realise I'm only 2 peices into...