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    Apophis 2036

    For those 2012 believers don't worry in 2013 you'll have something new to believe in!
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    Hacker Steals $12 Million in Zynga Poker Chips If he connected with wifi from someone else would he have gotten away with it?
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    Spiderman skullfracture, broken elbow and ribs

    probably he had some webissues like in spiderman 2 but in all seriousness, apperently that broadwayshow is plagued with bad luck, like an actress and a dancer severed several broken body parts and actress natalie mendoza severed a concussion...
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    My first logo and wallpaper

    My first time using photoshop Btw the BG and the white flashy line I learned to make that from a tutorial on Youtube and has nothing to do with the logo The logo will be used for my company, and for those who are wondering Najma means Star Anywho.. lemme know what you guys think for a...
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    little help with tutorials for blender

    hi all, i tried to find a character tutorial where you learn how to model with a background image but so far no succes maybe one of you guys know where to find one.. i found one but they ask money for it ^^ pls don't post try google.. this is a help thread so i expect serious help and not...
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    My second model (WiP)

    hi all just wanted to know what you think of my second model.. grtz
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    My First Model..

    Hi everyone 3 days ago i downloaded Blender 3D. the first day i thought yep another program i won't be able 2 work with and will only be on my computer to take my free space second day i knocked down my lack of confidence and then this happend on the third day that is today...