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    Folds Tutorial!

    Thats not a tutorial, thats a slide show of pictures. Try including instructions that are in each 'slide'.
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    Help With Cel Shading

    You are wrong, it would say the polycount is too high then. :rolleyes: Autosmooth 'da' model in milkshape, and export.
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    GSG9 Soldier Wip

    CZ is basically Counter-Strike, but its called Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CZ). A picture of the helmet is right here. Compare the helmet and his, their the same. He just recolored.
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    GSG9 Soldier Wip

    Shame he didn't model it. Its just some hack's from TS stuff and CZ stuff. For example, the helmet, take a little peak at the CZ urban helmet, look, he just recolored it. The body, from Sam Fisher, a hackjob for TS. Look at the original body right here. The face is just a skin from...
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    GSG9 Soldier Wip

    Why do the eyes look like something from RTCW, and the rest look like stuff from CZ, various other stuff? And why would you UVW map, and skin, when its not even done yet? Sounds 'suspicious' to me. :shocked:
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    Finished z-sword =O

    Can you compile it to Trunks? If not I will for you....>_>
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    USSJ Trunks WIP

    I'm never going to say someone is '1337' because that is friggan retarded. I won't EVER. I said a lot of 'elite' modelers are on this board. ps spelang r a pluz lolz
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    USSJ Trunks WIP

    Lookin' good so far. (a lot of elite modelers on this board) My suggestion is look for references on his body and face and do the hair last.
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    I need a 3DSmax6 modeling tutorial

    The best tutorial and tutorials site is here.
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    a lil help here?

    actually, you guys are acting worse than 10 year old CS'ers, so the alledged 'fact' that slim is 18, and you are 16, are both lies.
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    Old EEA frieza release

    Lurb it, very good nuttzy.
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    Brolly Wip

    I'd like to see the pictures. :P slim, no need to be harsh, calling people newbies, although you may not want to offend them, might actually offend them. >_>
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    a lil help here?

    Yeah, he is going to compile this for TS, too. :D business**
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    Me Taln Model

    He's a bit ugly. Uhh....I dunno how to improve him.
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    The goku....

    rofl Darkling. Thats not skinned. Thats colored shapes in the program. The render added the gloss.
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    teh 1st 3DsMax model

    If this is considered bumping a dead thread, appologies. But, that model has smoothing errors, and it pains my eyes. Get those fixed and your set.
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    The goku....

    'Tis me Hitman of 4gen, .//Slim. The head looks like it needs work, if need-be I could fix that up for you.
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    who hates MOD

    I don't, but I hate you. :)
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    mr satan... shadow... tetsuo... RELEASE!!!

    Shijing, did you know that Mr. Satan when he holds the pistol, move to the sides it floats..
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    me!! :smile:

    Skin it. Because ATM, it looks a LOT like Goku.