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    Dev team needs your help

    Lo all, First off i would like im say sorry. Firstly to the esf dev team and the esf community. It is wrong of me to post this type of quetion on another mods forum and i realize that. So i totally understand if this topic is locked deleted and im banned because it is only fair. But please...
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    Z sword for esf_Mystic

    Im currently working on a map called esf_Mystic and was wondenring if sum one could whip me u a quick model of the z-sword for my map. i got some ref piccys. It dsnt need 2 b a good model just summit quick as a nice lil touch for the map. heres a link for refs...
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    Calling all modelers

    Can any1 help me? Lo guys im currently making a map and i would really appreicate any help any1 could give me in making sum models. Basically i need a big rock like in the piccys. I need two things plz. First a complete rock so i know how...
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    New Map

    Basically i have been learning as many different mapping techniques as possible and i think im up to scratch. So im now ready for my first mapping project. What map do u guys wanna see? I was thinking maby the place were raditz goku and piccalo fought as its got nice scenery. But im open to any...
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    My new map idea

    Well i was wondering what map hadnt been done or what things in exsiting maps was missing. Then it came to me one of the great things bout DBZ is the way the blow huge hole in building and even total them. So i have decided to make a city map with a load of func_breakable brushes and stuff like...