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    Hacker, oh no!

    This guys name is -)SnS(-Halorin or something on that. On Reality Check, if he was killed AUTOMATICALLY the server dies. wonID: 12692872. He has many so... wonID: 12692877
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    Block whores, can't live with em' can't live without attackin' em

    Ok, I was just playing on a server and there where MONSTER block whores. But someone told me something, attack them and then tele away! It works and you won't get hit. Use this technique and rid the world of melee block whores!
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    A NEW Half-Life mod. I tried it and it is FUN FUN FUN! Check this out!
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    Trunks Crosshair?

    The SWORD melee one...why is there none?
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    Saiyan City server admins word please.

    Howdy, you know me as a regular on your excellent servers, but today there was a tad of a problem. There was a guy named [NC]Elite-Messed and another fella by the name of [:::A.D:::}*Duo {ssj3} they both rule broke. 1. They killed me using SHIELD ATTACK (duo) while I was transforming. 2. After...
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    Quick Trip Melee

    I call it Quick Trip, IDK what you guys call it. Its where the guys move REALLY fast punching. You should add it in seeing as how its a beautiful feature. That would make this mod Untouchable. Please add this!
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    SSJ4 Goku?

    I can go do I go SSJ4?? And 1 other ting.... Whats SSJ stand for...never found out. I love the show and all... lol