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    Last Try..... Gogeta.....

    Kinmaps We are some other people that allso will have the fun skinning that gogeta!!!!!! but the skinmaps doesntfit right please make a link
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    Last Try..... Gogeta.....

    Send it :devgrin: When are you done so the poeple can download it man.....? Ore you can make a download link to the skinmaps and tha model :devgrin: plz
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    i am boredom;s hostage =(, heres a WIP tapion

    sorry ok sorry i didnt see that realese post
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    i am boredom;s hostage =(, heres a WIP tapion

    old tapion nutzyy i heard that you made another tapion is that true if it is plz post it
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    anyone here thet can make goo sigs? if there is can that person make a sig to me mail me for further info about my wishes
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    Brolly sounds!!!!!?

    i realy much want brolly sounds for nutzys brolly the model are cool but it is not so cool with cell sounds :no: ;(
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    My first (posted) reskins!!!

    ugly this is ugly i ve created a reskin that is 1 million times better than that **** i dont call that a reskin i call hat a re****
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    New Vegeta .. WIP

    what!!!! hey what program did you use to make the skin O_O
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    Need animator(s)

    i can skin i wanna skin that litle puppy i am a quite good skinner contact me on msn ;)
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    help with milkshape!!!!!!!

    yes yes i have but how do i make my reskin in 8 bit
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    help with milkshape!!!!!!!

    when ive have reskinned a model and it is done when i wants to compile my modelwhen it commes to ref_control_bodypart it stops and then milkshape is going dead whyy i need help i was sopussed to release that model reskin !!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    think a fusion should be done this way!!!. when you are at a certian pl you can click z and than a menu comes upyou couls pick someone to fusse with. and then a bot joins the game as the character you have chosen (not counting as a player) and then he will do the dance with you!!!! what do you think
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    new blocking

    i think instead off just blocking a punch you could grab the punch and then the barometer shows up in the right side off the screen if you hold down the right mouse bottun at the same time you are holding the block botton. and then if you click the left mouse botton you kick him in the face i...
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    Kaioken Video

    how do you go even further byond the ssj 1 border with evm? and how does ssj3 looks like? and what amount of pl do i need otherwise the kaioken video is cool