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    Im looking to upgrade my computer and...

    I wanna know what you guys think. My current specs are as follows: AMD Athlon XP1900+ 768 Megs of Ram GeForce FX 5600 256 Meg AGP What I want to upgrade to: AMD Althon 64 X2 3800+ 768 Megs of Ram ...and the video card I am unsure of. I can get good discounts on ATI cards, but I wanted...
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    Gundam Seed on Ebay

    I was looking on Ebay for Gundam Seed DVDs, I am looking for English dubbed by the way. Anyway, I know that it is possilbe to buy low price box sets on Ebay. I have bought Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, and Berserk this way. My question is, does anyone know when these specific box sets are relesed...
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    How to Encoding different file types?

    I was wondering how to encode different movie files to differnt file types, does anyone know anything about this that could help me out?
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    Freeza Transform = Change of POV?

    When I transfomred with Freeza mt POV changed quite a bit. The crosshair was moved to 15 degrees to the left. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Steam Problem - Library Steam.dll not loading?

    I keep get this error when trying to install steam (Missing Library Steam.dll) Does anyone what I can do to fix this?
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    Convert ESF to DMZ

    Is it possible to convert an ESF Model to DMZ. Basically I am asking what is the proccess. Any help is appreciated.
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    Scaled down...How much?

    The ESF Models and stuff are scaled down right...Does anyone know by how much?
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    Are WAV files the only type that can be heard on CD

    I am looking to burn some music onto a CD so i can listen to it in a CD player. My question is that is WAV files type the only kind of file that can be used, or is there another where the files take up less space? Any help apperciated
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    LCD Video Problems

    Ok I have been playing ESF since 1.0 and I have had no problems. But then yesterday I turn on ESF and my moniter goes into Auto Config... So i quit ESF and that made my desktop into a squiggly wonder. well I had to restart a few times to re-adjust the configuration. I uninstalled ESF re...
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    Xenosaga (No Spoliers!)

    Yeah I kow it came out a while ago but I am playing it now. This game ROCKS I just entered (the song of... well you know) I am level 27 and these guys are tough. Anyone else think so?
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    24 bit to 8 bit!?

    Ok I have run into another problem, I have reskined Mystic Gohan to have a Red Suit, but now I when I save my BMP I can only save it with 24 bit color, and it won't apply it in HLMV. Do all HL skin have to be 8 bit? If so how can i get it down to 8 bit?
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    Quick Skinning Question

    I want to change the Color of a Gohan skin I have. I want to make it more red. I have Adobe Photoshop and I was wondering if I could easily change the color with a tool there, or do I have to completly reskin the whole thing.
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    Super Buu Soundpack

    I tried searching but I couln't find a Super Buu soundpack, anyone know hwere to find one? Edit: Now that RS is up i have one.
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    -)Sns(- Evil Crashing Server

    I was playing on Scorched Earth (Scorcher2k's Server) a little while ago and someone came in named Evil. He was playing spectator and sent a messge. It was "Evil: This is -)Sns(- and we are the best ESF Hackers out there, now I am going to crash the server" and in less than a second it...
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    Yamcha, Cooler, Gotenks Sound Packs(More too!!)

    Well, after thinking about what I could add to the ESF community and realizing that I have no artistic talent (So Mapping, Modeling, and Skinning were out of the question) I thought Sound packs might be fun. I am looking for help on making soundpacks and figuring out the best approaches...
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    E-Bid For Power Help Installation Help

    I need some help with E BFP. I have quake 3 arena and i have downloaded the five files. They all seem to have the same things in it but anyway there are direction in a readme about setting up a shortcut and i keep getting an error. Anyone who has succuesfuly installed this please offer me...
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    New and Improved PS2!?

    I read in a magazine a while back that Sony was releasing a new model of the PS2. The new Package included a Network Adapter, Better DVD playback, and Improved internal management(More Durable) Now I just visited the GameStop website and they are selling a PS2w/ Network adapter for $200 ...
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    What Models/Model Edits Do you use?

    I thought this might be fun to find out what Models people are using for the characters. For me: Buu: Original Model Goku: Smo's Goku Gohan: My Converted Sayiaman Cell: Original (waiting for that Brolly Model to replace :laff: ) Frieza: Cooler Krillin: Original Model Piccolo: Original...
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    Anti-HOWing Tactics

    Well Since I have been eliminatied from the tournement I am starting to work more on my technique. I need to learn not to HOW so much, but I am having trouble keeping sight of the enemy and running low on ki...any pointers?
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    mIRC Connection Help

    I just d/l mIRC but i am having problems connecting in the beginning, i have a router with a built in firewall. Do i need to change the ports of mIRC? any help is appreciated