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    Piccolo is a jiggalo....

    ....and that's because he dresses like one j/k. Speaking of which, who said that they had a model&skin of him wearing his cape and turbin. I remember someone said that they had it. I might be willing to do IM. It depends. If you do have it could you provide pics of it?
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    Kamehameha Whomp!

    A first step in the development of team strategy on my part...that is aside from simply 2 or more peeps ganging up on one guy. Okay, at least one of the guys on the team must be Gohan, the rest must be peeps that can use the Kamehameha wave. Everyone gathers around Gohan and he puts on his...
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    For some bizzar reason...

    I don't know if this has happened with anyone else, but everytime I try to get onto the island map the game crashes. And in one instance it caused my computer to reboot.
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    About SSJ Trunk's hair

    Is it just me, or in game does his hair in SSJ mode make him look a little like Bart Simpson. Hold on, lemme get a pic of it if I can find one.
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    The danger zone

    I forget the name of the map with the lava, but there need to be more mapps with inherint dangers in them just to spice up the battles. For example, have a mountain pass with automated beam cannon turrets, like the ones that guard the Red Ribbon Army base in DB, that shoot indiscriminantly at...
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    An interesting idea

    Look, I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but what if...what if...there was an Oozaru transformation for sertain character modles egh? Like if the game get a Bardok model his transformation doesn't turn him into a SSJ, but into an Oozaru. Of course some adjustments will have to be made...
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    Piccolo's transformation

    Aight, I guess this might have already been mentioned, but I'm going to say this anyway. You know the weighted training clothes that he wears, right? You know that he permafuses with Kami to become a Super Namek, right? Well, I'm thinking that while he is in normal mode he should be wearing...