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    map Kame_Home

    Hi i gave up doing the namek map so iv done this and i need an idea because it looks a bit boring
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    experimenting/namek map

    Hi iv been experimenting on a namek map its not that big yet hear is a pic
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    p0 errors

    Hi, help! Just recently, when i compile my map i get the following errors ----- BEGIN hlbsp ----- Command line: C:\PROGRA~1\VALVEH~1\tools\hlbsp.exe "c:\program files\valve hammer editor\maps\stuarts" Error: Can't open c:\program files\valve hammer editor\maps\stuarts.p0 -----...
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    how do u make palmtrees

    Hi can someone tell me how to make palmtrees AND when i make a sky i can pass through it plz someone help :cry:
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    how do i get palmtrees in a map

    im trying to figer out haw to make palmtrees but have no idear haw and when i make a sky i can go through it pls can someone help me ;/
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    problem haw do i make a waterfall

    Hi i need somome to give me info in haw to make a waterfall ? can somone help me
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    my 2nd map on the go

    ok iv just done the terrain for my nwe map named DuSt i think its very go for a nwe maper ill show u a pic soon Bye :)
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    Hi, Im having a prob with my map. It compiles ok, but when i start the map i can only go into spec. If i choose a team or a character, it restarts the map. Any ideas?