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    DONT **** WITH ME

    Oh so i make a thread weeks ago and you guys all make fun of me then you take me seriously when i grab your ******* game huh? So if you guys wana play hardball **** you then i'll play your stupid game of hardball. your gonna censor my pics and close my threads now i'll just post them again...
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    lets hope this goes better than my last thread where everyone mocked me and made fun of me. the team is tricking all of you! they post a shot of a new "feature" when its just more pictures of a model/skin they came out with and a few placeholder animations. the only animations they have done...
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    You are being duped by the devs

    Myself and many others have been waiting on the mod to be released for a very long time now. Every once in a while we get some picture to hold us over, or even a trailer...which was delayed... Do you think the developers really care about the community? I honestly do not. What if I told...