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    best For 98se

    hey im using 98 se and i'm gonna get a graphics card im willing to spend 125$ right now i use a GeForce2 Mx/Mx 400 what would u use is 5500 98 se compatible? is Ati Compatible? whats best for me
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    esf vs dba

    hey guys i was wondering if u heard about dba or dragonball adventures. if u guys are not going to hl2 theres no need to read this so just stop here :P . but if you are your going to have a challange. These guys got skills they might be as good as you.. so u guys got game... that is of course...
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    shuld targeting come back?

    well the name says it all
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    un ban me please

    hi wil lyou please unban me i think the ip is
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    Yay Finally its HERE! MY B - DAY!!!!!! and im 13! 13 ! 13! 12 = young 13 = rules!
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    the matrix siries

    well what do you think about it? i think 1 & 2 were the best 3 was kinda *** becaue he acted like jesus when he died but its a good siries what do u think?
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    this is a very cool game to dl [/url][url]
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    GAG so frustrated

    lol ive been hl free for 4-6 montths. if you try youll pass out so DONT!\ (TOTALLY OFF-topc)
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    PCJOE IIM CALLING YOU OUT TO PWN U!!!! ill be ready around the 1-2nd week of april so
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    Your mama jokes!

    Hey people post your jokes here i got a good one here 1)Your mammas so stupid that she got locked in a bathroom and pee'd her pants 2)Your mammas so ugly she looked out a window and got arrested for mooning! 3) your mammas sso fat that se missed the bus and was chacing it and said...
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    help about hl

    hey I was wondering if there is a way to FLY not noclip in half-life. i tryed the flying cheat but it dosent work. So is there anyway to fly in half-life?????????????
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    Well i have an idea what if they added a tourtment mode and a tourtmant map. here are some ideas for the tourtmant there are 3 teams and there need to me a mimum of 2 people on each team and the third team is the ref. he'll be out 24/7 then only 2 people spawn and ther in the center of the...
  14. G ??????????????

    hey I went to yahoo and typed in esf downloads and i got that page and I was just wondering if that was a copy of the page or waht because its weird!!!!
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    I have no clue whare to get it

    Hi can someone tell me whare i can dl a cool map editor I always make maps for Ra2 but i can find any half-life can u help me?
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    [SA] Clan is gone

    Im sorry to say but [SA] is no more. [SA]killedwithstyle is ~{APE}~Fusion tahts waht i know almost the whole clan has gone to ape im sorry for this
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    Hi I was serfin the servers andi decided to go to -DEF- clan server. At first they were cool and all But they got a member/co.ldr there (not willing to say name persnal reasons) but hes a @$$ but all of the other members were cool. so if you wanna join a clan thats A.rude when your trying to...
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    Steam Games Prob (with esf)

    Hi i just installed steam and I cant seem to get my games to work it says I need a Cd number but i dont have the orignal case i have the Blue shift case but it dont work what shuld I do?
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    Duel Beams!@

    I was thinking What ef you were gonna shoot a blue attack yellow ect. that when u right click they will throw 2 ki beams instad of 1. one way to controll them is at the end they are almost connected and when they hit there twice as big! If you like this idea i have lots of others!
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    HI people i got a cool webpage if u guys get bored it is very fun (9 of 10) it dosent have flash and if u want to be recruited heres the page JOIN THE FUN!