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    Show off your cars

    Don't get me wrong with this thread, It's not about your real car. I recently got addicted to Need for speed underground, Yes.. It's not THAT new, but still, i couldn't find any topic on offtopic concerning the game, it's great.. I also don't know if im allowed to post about another game but...
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    static-x siggy

    comment if you want and get flamed if you say something bad :S Thx Val for hosting. this one might be better
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    Webmaster for sale!

    Feed me and ill manage your site. This is part of a joke but i might get something useful to do.. so let me know what you think. :\
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    RS Offline Reason

    Here goes. On Redsaiyan dot net i was using a script Called "X-Stats" to have visitors and hits informations, daily, weekly and monthly. I wasnt happy with the fact that the Visitors information wasnt stored permantly, it was reseting the daily visitors almost every day. So i setted up the max...
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    Buying domain, help me decide

    I'm currently thinking of buying a domain for forums. If you want a forum that will look like RS. vote for If you want a forum that will look different from RS , but with same style but on another name. Vote for thanks for...
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    well.i was bored, and i like green now... i still like red but eh.. green looks nice.. dunno why.
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    i was testing out bryce.. mixed it up in photoshop, done that. im pretty satisfied with result, gives it a lil alien look. my site is down, so i cant pôst it on it, so why not come to say hello and post some work. -SPiN out.
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    REDSAIYAN File Database Accounts

    I decided to give account to mappers and modelers on, this way you will be able to add your files, without asking my permission or have a delay to get your file hosted. What you will have: - Power to add your files in any sections of the file db - Edit other files and your...
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    RS File host request.

    Erm. Must of you should know Redsaiyan because its hosting almost all the customized files for ESF, so i thought i'd make a thread to ask new poeple their permissions to host their file on release. hows do i submit files Well for now.. you will have to contact me on aim or msn, or in a pm...
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    Some pics to make Tease you.

    Well, since i had some free time i decided to make some funny stuff. so here it is. put your comments about these lovely pics and i might make some new one before beta releases lol
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    Button changed hourray!

    they finnaly changed the button that directed to my site on ESF main page, about time lol , i asked like 4 months ago. it wasslinking to now its ok! yay! im happy lol O_O :talk: :shocked:
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    Returning to n00b ESF Forum with my list of SMALL names.

    Well, im back, its been a while since i didnt check ESF forum , i left because of the n00b and im back to flame em.. well no hehe im back to give my "picky opinion" and change da world! *cough* some might not know me, remember me or give a **** about me. well who cares. its another thread...
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    RED.SAIYAN Files Are all back up!

    -Maps -Map packs -Models -Sprites -New crosshair -Soundpack and more. all you need to customize your esf is at I'm bored i need to advertise since poeple dont seem to know that we changed url. We're on the ESF main page but its the wrong link. Please visit the...
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    News of Red Saiyan Mod Resources.

    okay, there are two domain name that we could have. and vote the one that YOU think would be best to remember and all. thanks.
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    what sig should i use?

    okay i made all these sig in my bored time and in a week. i dont know what to choose, cuz they all look good. (i think they do) can you guys or girls vote for one. and ill use it . for like 1 month :P
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    Beam Stealer?

    I waslooking around on planet halflife, and i saw this. i dont know about you but i thnk that look alot like the beam in 2.0 , SUE THEMM!!
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    New Forum layout is on!!!

    comments how much is sweet and about the buttons that are purple. they will be changed., Coding by greg Forum Layout by Xstortionist comment it good or ban from #esf :P
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    Flying mode.

    Well i know i made this topic a while ago but noone really paid attention to it. i mean in the show , they dont always fly the same way , they dont always in fight stance. when they fought again buu , when gohan tryed to escape with kaioshin. when piccolo goku and vegeta and kaioshin were in...
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    New Forum for RS!

    Red Saiyan got a new forum! check it out! i made it myself with help of quicksurfer and Hsu. thanks guys. hope you will all like it.
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    Completed new trunks!

    Wow mah lord you really ownz! Xstortionist! j00 the man lol :D that model is sweet i hope ill see it in the new beta soon.. well i hope soon :P for all those who didnt see it, the pics is in the dev journal of Xssssttoooorrrrrrrttiioooonniiissstt!.. srry for the spammy.