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    Making an anime music video

    I had lost my adobe premiere.. I just got it back so now I'll be able to start making it. Thanks for the tips , but im not sure if I can use them personally. Since im not that good I think I will just try a bit of what you guys said and then I will wait and see how it turned out. Hmm... I...
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    Making an anime music video

    I am interested in making an anime music video but I was wondering what should I pay attention to ? For example if I make one about Bleach's character Kenpachi. Should I just browse trough all the episodes to find good fighting scenes of him and try to implement them in a good way so it fits...
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    WTF???? Kitty's?

    it's a very old and very nicely done hoax... (and no the subject aint nice cuz i love cats.. >< )
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    Ssj2 Gohan drawing.

    his mouth is too close to his nose and his forehead is HUGE 0_0
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    rings wallpaper ?

    lil update and in different sizes 1028*768 1280*1024
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    rings wallpaper ?

    im sorry tryforce but i can only understand about 25% of what you are saying o_o :shocked:
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    rings wallpaper ?

    thanks.. you flatter me =P and alteh i know its abit plain but what else should i add ? it's abstract and therefore only the rings shoudl be in there. any ideas what i could add ?
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    Stellar: latest Space Abstact

    mind telling me how you make this stuff ? ^_^ and i really really like this.. its cool
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    rings wallpaper ?

    ya i used a tutorial for this but i gave it my own edge. rate and c&c plz :D and before all of you are gonna complain about filter usage. i DID use the stylize > wind filter.
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    Some kinda magic thingy....

    are you sure this isnt a tutorial ? because it really looks like one i've done a long time ago. but at least you made it look cool ^_^ i like the idea how you've done the sparkles going up but maybe reduce the "fog" between the sparkles heh i found the thing i was tlaking about.. and...
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    My first sig and avatar! Comment please :D

    most of the people here use adobe photoshop i think. at least i know alot of people do it's got tons of possibilities to customize your very own signature :)
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    it says NADZ lol ^_^ 8/10 like the stamp idea ;)
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    Rate the Signature Above You

    just like it ^_^ 9/10
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    psd cutouts

    he has been messaging me about this alot already.. -.- he said something about my benders and stuff like that. but he wont listen to me when i say you have to use stuff in photoshop to cut out (for example lasso tool lol)
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    This is not a thread, don't click!

    you use a different type of shading on the fingers then the one you use on the soulder pads. imo you should stick to 1 type of shading..
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    just a flash animation i made :)

    maybe cuz it would be anoying 2 flash movies playing together at once ;) anyway they were pretty fun lol i guess :P perhaps next time make the quality of the chars better and try to fix the sound button ;P you can only turn the sound off but not on again
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    Yet another Sig (Yu-Gi-Oh)

    getting better ;) the stock on the background.. the wizard, is kinda low quality i think. you did a nice job on the purple background but imo it's a bit TOO purple :P and the left part of the sig is a bit too busy
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    One word storey

    Once before Christ 'sploded, there was some ninjas which performed CPR on Kangaroos. The Kangaroos ate cucumbers from Fatal_CobraX's sphincter witch. The fatal Llama Monkeys exploded inwardly o_O, and made little fridges until pirates killed everyone sporadically without regret. Suddenly, mangos...
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    Which rims look better?

    it all depens on the shape of the rim , colour of the car , and the size of the rims. for example i think gold rims look graet on blue cars and chrome rims look great on black cars.
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    Eagle drawing

    i dont believe this is an apropriate reply in here ? why dont the admins give a big fat warning for people who just like to hurt people their feelings with stupid lame replys like that one? give constructive critisism and otherwise shut your mouth. on topic the eagles nose (or whatever...