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    Gohan's Kamehameha wave?

    First off, I'd like to say that I'm glad to come back, even though I haven't posted in ages. No, I don't need a 250 reply about being welcomed back, just stating that. But, on topic: I have a suggestion, since there will be SSJ2 Transformations and/or beyond? Well, the Cell saga. Gohan's one...
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    Advanced Melee + Generic Beam

    Well, I was thinking about the game play in ESF 1.2, I love it. But, I was also thinking about how this might kick up the game play a notch. As it is, the advanced melee does a great deal of damage, but I do recall seeing in the dev journals, that they might reduce the damage? Correct me if...
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    Darktooth's Journal Entry 2/05/04

    Look at that. First Combo in game and it looks good as it is, and it hasn't even been 'perfected', yet. I wonder what you all think? Just think about it, on top of the sound update's, to go with the game, there's practically a sound for everything you do which kinda increases the fun and the...
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    I can't remember if I asked this. . .

    Okay, I love power struggling and I love dominating in it but here's a question. . . Kamehameha Vs Kamehameha ; Blast radius - not as big (went on for about a minute) Generic beam vs generic beam ; Blast radius - HUGE (went on for atleast 3 minutes) The generic beam, the weakest attack, took...
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    Skill or Glitch?

    Okay, here's the deal, I'm vs'n 2 bots by myself at their "BEST". Usually, bots team together and do everything at the exact same time. In this case, they both swooped at me at the EXACT SAME TIME. Both coming towards me, perfectly viewable, from a long distance. Now, there's a gap between...
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    1.2 advanced melee

    I have a question about it, I've seen some of the pics PCJoe has uploaded, they have grappling moves which are great, most definately. But how will it be done? Will it be like the cartoon? As if the 2 warriors clashed on the screen so quick; that all you would see are glimpses of them? Or a...
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    I just want to say congrats to the ESF team. They have accomplished getting over 7,000 members. Lucky number 7. Again I would like to congratulate the ESF team for their hard work and their dedication to make this game as fun as possible to us, the users. Thanks... ...
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    1.1 Beam Jump

    I feel dumb asking this, but is it even added in there? I couldn't seem to find it...if it's there how do I use it? I only got to use kame torpedos but not the small earth like spirit bomb or beam jumps
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    Linux 1.1 Release

    How's it working for all of you admins out there? I'd like to know.
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    Nice earthly-like spirit bomb? Looked pretty cool.
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    i got a forum

    hey guys i have a forum now, its at i dont know if im allowed to advertise but if im not sorry, thats why i brought it to off topic, i didnt want to get in trouble...but if im not in any trouble, i hope some of you would sign up its brand new =/
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    It's April

    Didn't they say they would release 1.1 in April? Or a week prior to release? Aprils almost over [ i figured a mod would close it but it's good enough to get a response...i'm just curious.]
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    Are you satisfied with 1.0's Melee System?

    How do you all feel about the Melee System in 1.0, and do you think 1.1 will be any different melee-wise?
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    DBQ - DragonBall Quake

    I been to DBQ, they ain't that bad, but I like ESF better...any how what happened to them? Zaradis is all "We ain't dead blah blah"..=/ Since November there's been nothing, nada.
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    That's What I Hate!

    2 People, one from TM, and some other guy name Blade, or Blaze, somethin' like that, came up in my server, one of them's like: "The new ESF Beta 1.1 is coming out tomorrow, he said that a while ago. The other said it was coming out today, April, they both said that they claimed to be...
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    ESF Tracks

    I have the following tracks, that are available...most votes wins that track, and your choice to be played in ESF
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    Ok, I understand that you block, then hit. Note, I'm not a blocker, but sometimes I do block when I know I can't fall through with an attack, when I do attack, people teleport, but when I have the chance to hit them, it'd take a long time, some people do that immediate counter-how do they do...
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    Spirit Bomb Bug?

    Ok, I saw a guy pull off a freaky trick. He's charging a SB, he's on the ground. Some how he manages to jump and engulf himself in the spirit did he do that?
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    Text Display

    Well, I'm not new to the MOD, actually, I wanted to know how people get images into their posts as well as colored text scrolling to the left or right side, I mean--I can do it, but I have to paste the coding in, any easier way at all?
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    Goku-Add On

    How about this, they should change the blocking system when it comes to blasts and blocking. If a warrior, such as Goku is on the ground, and a blast approaches, instead of being crushed...they should make him block, at the same time move him back, as his feet scrape against the concrete floor...