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    Christopher Reeve

    well if u play CoH there was a overload of ppl theere were over 800+ ppl in atlas park just saluting all day in honor of him
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    What are your computer specs?

    out of u all i am the worst Windows 98 Second Edition AMD Anthlon Processo , MMX , 3dNow 1.1Ghz 256mb Ram NVIDIA GeForce 2 Mx/Mx 400 C-Media Wave Device\ 52x cd-rom (broken) 16x10x40 cd burner 30 gigs
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    best For 98se

    hey im using 98 se and i'm gonna get a graphics card im willing to spend 125$ right now i use a GeForce2 Mx/Mx 400 what would u use is 5500 98 se compatible? is Ati Compatible? whats best for me
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    Combat Moves?

    l like to nuke i play this god music when i do! lol its like if im going to diw then IM TAKING U WITH ME!
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    esf vs dba

    i didnt come to start a argument... last thing we want are ppl banned... i was just saying that u got a challange
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    esf vs dba

    hey guys i was wondering if u heard about dba or dragonball adventures. if u guys are not going to hl2 theres no need to read this so just stop here :P . but if you are your going to have a challange. These guys got skills they might be as good as you.. so u guys got game... that is of course...
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    ahm i give ur map a 7 / 10 a lil laggy but ill get use to it
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    ahm i give ur map a 7 / 10 a lil laggy but ill get use to it
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    ESF 1.2.2???

    will it fix the giant forest problem?
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    Hero: The movie

    dude that move is *** just like CTHD u know it to
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    WIP: Kami's Lookout

    nice 7/ 10 kinda reminds me of the old esf_kami :P
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    How can I build a server?

    ok lission u want T1 or T3 for your internet conncection. to do so ask your current isp for i think Extended Bandwith. The hardwhare needs to be like a computer in a way lots of memory and ram. thats all i know about servers
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    i trans kill ppl if there A. spammin B. trans kinnin me or others or in rare cases C. Just for the hell of it! but t rans killin is not fun at all only for the killer not the transeer
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    ESF1.2B Installer not working!

    hey umm try esf-world they have esf 1.2 and then my site will have it but dont go there yet... The link for esf its
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    I Wanna free server :P
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    Esf 1.21 tweaks and reasons?

    i like the 1.0 1.1 days whare u had to have skillz to even try to take sumone on... aww like the 5 - 6 hit combos!
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    Burn You Mofo!!! BURN!

    one thing i have a dvd rw and when i put it in nothin happons i think it means i dont have a dvd burner right?
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    shuld targeting come back?

    well the name says it all
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    un ban me please

    hi wil lyou please unban me i think the ip is
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    Death of Nintendo?