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  1. Rayna

    Rate the sig above you... revived (:

    Thought this might be a fun thread to "revive", since this part of the forum seems a bit dead... You rate the signature of the last person that posted on a 1 to 10 scale. Explaining your rating is optional but it will make the thread more fun to read (and might also help someone improve...
  2. Rayna

    Little question

    Was wondering, are some of you guys using any program/s to color your drawings (and if so which one)? Cheers.
  3. Rayna

    Old goodies.

    I ended up looking through old drawings of mine today and I found a few old favorites. I've been considering picking up drawing again, before I could pass endless hours doing just that and the days just didnt have enough hours for me, in fact I've lost alot of sleep over it too. But somehow I...
  4. Rayna

    Sig request and C&C thread.

    This is a random sig request and C&C thread. It goes like this. Someone asks for a sig giving information of what he/she wants in it: color, theme, pictures (preferably provide them) and anyone can give it a shot. Anyone can post C&C about a sig (or sigs) if they feel they have an opinion to...
  5. Rayna


    Ok, made a new sig, might go back to the flower again soon though :3 I think I screwed up a bit on the smoke on the right side since the color cuts itself a bit out of the rest. Also the colors I used might be a bit wierd together, they make sense for me though. But anyhow, opinions please.
  6. Rayna

    Making a new sig for a friend.

    Ok, I thought Grega's signature might need to be updated. So here's what I've put together. So basicly I want people's opinion on it and of course, Grega's. If you want to keep the current one it's all good too though and if you like this new one I'll make a avatar to match. The main...
  7. Rayna


    I wasnt really trying to do a signature, but ended up somewhat doing one, feels like it's missing something somehow. It's a oncoming night and the fact that it has no border is intentional.
  8. Rayna


    Supose this is more of the same, but might as well get some C&C :3 New sig:
  9. Rayna

    Happy Birthday...

    ...Happy birthday Ryoko, Styx and Orion. Enjoy it and have fun! >_<
  10. Rayna

    I need some pics guys

    Well a sig I've had on my mind for some time and also I got a request for one with this not long ago. The problem is i cant find any pics that are worthwhile. So what I need are good quality pics of Vegeta's final atonement.
  11. Rayna

    It's sig night!

    j u s t f e l t l i k e m a k i n s i g s : D my new main-sig, which i made yesterday I doubt anything will change, but id like to hear what ppl's got to say bout them. Oh! And I do think the Lulu sig is better than the GTO one, but Onizuka is stayen cuz he's tha man and...
  12. Rayna

    Sig for some taurus dude >_>

    So there :Þ I'm sorry I know it's Taurus2112, but I just hate those numbers after names, but course it's gonna be your sig so I'll put them in if you want :/ Anyways, obvious reason why I am posting this sig is for the C&C <_<
  13. Rayna

    :O Resident Evil:Apocalypse *possib.SPOILER*

    I went to see Resident Evil Apocalypse the other day and I got to say I was really impressed. The first movie was like "meh a girl shooting zombies". So I wasnt expecting that much, as I haddnt seen any aids I thougth it would be pretty much like the first. But this one goes alot more with the...
  14. Rayna


    I decided to post this one. So what do yah think, should I replace any of my current ones with it? And 'course C&C btw.
  15. Rayna

    Here's a lil something (WP) '_'

    '_' Made my first wallpaper. Maybe I should have called it purple instead of sparkle, but meh :Þ C&C
  16. Rayna

    Battle Angel

    Made my new avah & 2 siggies from BAA; They kinda look alike? Yes they do, because I used many similar brushes in both, and no the dragon from the 1st is not the same as the 2nd, even though they look very much alike. So any C&C from you guys?
  17. Rayna

    New ones

    TaddaH! C&C
  18. Rayna

    Kawaiiness & other sigzorz

    Well, lookin in google for kawaii things I found this cute pixor, so i made a sigger ^^ Kawaiiness I made this one before the kawaiiness one Tryin to improve as usual so C&C welcome.
  19. Rayna

    Ph34r teh nail bunneh

    PH34R IT!
  20. Rayna

    Some new stuff

    Hell yeah some new stuff Don't ask LOL Newzor for Gonadz Nuff said aaaaaaand my new sig So Critiz, comentz, ratez