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    Supernova sprite

    Here's Cooler's supernova attack sprite: Crits and comments are welcome:)
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    MAX registration help!

    Installed 3DS MAX 7 and when I try to register, I get this: Why can't I register ? Thanks in advance.
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    First skin

    This is my first skin ever: It makes the crates to look old. Made this just for fun. So what do you think?
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    EvoSSJ4 Karmaball

    Ok, I made a Karmaball for EvoSSJ4. Since this is a sneak peak to fans from my Dev journal, so I can show you: This is the one from the anime series: And this is my made: Please rate it 1/10
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    Sprite problems. Need help!

    Ok, I made some new rock sprites and they are alphatest type, so the last pallete colour is transparent. I edit the palette, so the last color is black, but it isn't transparent in game. Here's a pic: I really need help and if you solve my problem I'll give you my 3D explosion sprite...
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    And again, a new sig

    So I made myself a new sig and avatar. What do you think?
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    My new Trunks siggy

    This is my new comic-like sig :laff: What do you think?
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    Water splash

    It would be nice if there would be a water splash effect. When you throw an opponent into the river it makes a really big splash! The harder you throw, the bigger splash it makes. And there should be a sound for the splash. What do you think?
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    Move input animation

    A new idea: While you use the advanced melee and input your moves with the arrows, your characters stand in one possition. It would be nice if the characters fight while you input your moves, but they do no damage to each other. So what do you think?
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    New sig, hehe

    I made myself a new sig. So what do you think?
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    Story mode

    There should be a story mode in the game. I think it's possible using scripts. The story mode should include all DBZ Sagas. All the battles (Like Goku vs Cell) should be longer than ussual. This could be achieved if they make you're health bigger. So what do you think?
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    Stun melee

    A new ideas: A stun melee would be great. The stun melee attack is much slower then the normal punch, but it does more damage. Imagine the scene: You teleport in front of your opponent and use the stun melee attack. You punch the opponent right in his belly. Since the attack is slow, the...
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    One hand block

    Here's another suggestion: When you and your opponent swoop at each other and use the punch (Secondary button), you would block each other like this: Then you both get arrows and the winner knocks back the opponent and does damage to him! So what do you think?
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    Full flight mode

    Here is my suggestion: there should be a full flight mode in the game. when you use the full flight mode, You could fly faster then normal flying and it will drain your KI much slower, but you can't use any beam or melee atacks. It would be a good way to travel from one side of the map to...
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    DBZ non-related model

    This is my first model in 3DS MAX. Made it in about 30 minutes. So what do you think?
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    Model conversion

    I have some models I made in 3DS MAX 7 and I wan't to convert them to an mdl file. Can someone tell me where can I find a plugin to export models to mdl?
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    Does someone know how to Cell-shade a model in 3DS MAX 7?
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    Shadershi sprite help

    Ok, I opened this threat to help Dor become a Sprite Artist. Dor, if you're here, post something :)
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    Vegeta drawovers

    Can someone make me drawovers of Blue suit Vegeta?
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    skinning help wanted

    Hi guys, I have a Namek mountain model, but it's not skinned yet. So here's the deal: Since I can't skin, I need someone to skin it for me and then convert it to .mdl I have all the textures, that I want to use. Here's a pic of the model and the textures...