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  1. Vejimaru

    Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Help

    Does anyone know how to fade text in Flash? I've been trying for the intro to the movie I'm making
  2. Vejimaru

    Tag Team Battle

    I thought it'd be nice to have another tag team battle around here. anyone who wishes to sign up is free to do so. You can decide whether you want to face me or be my ally.
  3. Vejimaru

    Dragonball Z Cartoon

    Well, I've seen several ppl make them, and finally decided to have a go Part 2 coming soon
  4. Vejimaru

    Sig of Mighy Redness

    c & c?
  5. Vejimaru

    Back Again. Open Challenge to anyone

    Like Title says, I'm back and issuing a challenge to anyone who will accept
  6. Vejimaru

    Misc Model

    I'm a newb modeller, and the base structure in this model was premade (by my friend), and I just added polys and skinned it. Its supposed to be something like a vamp.
  7. Vejimaru

    I've been practicing a bit...

    I've been away from here for a while now, and finally decided to return (not that anyone missed me ^^). Here are a few new sigs I've done (oh, and some of them may look like they are from tutorials, and thats because they are).
  8. Vejimaru

    8 bit theatre sig

    Name says it all. It stars fighter. Its not ment to be complicated or anything. Just something I was doing when I was bored.
  9. Vejimaru

    My first brush intensive sig

    I haven't posted here in a while, and I am not here often but I figure I might as well post this. This is my first sig where I used mostly brushes. The person standing in the grass is my gaia avatar (see link in sig).
  10. Vejimaru

    My new inuyasha bg

    This is probably the last art that I'm going to post, since my talents are wasted here O_o here it is
  11. Vejimaru

    Angelic Layer Animated Sig

    I was REALLY bored
  12. Vejimaru

    Yuna FFX2 Sig know I'm bored when I'm making things like this... C n' C plz
  13. Vejimaru

    Xam, I challenge thee!

    Rematch time, Hentai-Sama! :devgrin:
  14. Vejimaru

    My best sig I ever made Reborn

    I'm sure you all know of my Chibi Cloud and Sepiroth sig...and now, through the powers of hell, heaven, macaroni and cheese and everything else, it has been reborn... HERE IT IS!!! RAWR!!! I still think the original is better...
  15. Vejimaru

    Disega Sig and Ava

    What u think? C n' C plz
  16. Vejimaru

    New Sig

    I don't need critz or comments, but they are welcome
  17. Vejimaru

    Pic Locations

    Okay. I've been making sigs for about 2 months now, and I have recently had an idea. People should post links to places that they get good pics. For example, if there is a gallery that doesn't show up in google until page 500, but you know that it is really good, post the link and the items...
  18. Vejimaru

    The History of Vejimaru

    Okay. I've decided to write about Vejimaru's history. It runs parallel to my battles on the forum, but doesn't mention them, though you will see techniques that I have learned from other warriors (heh). The history will talk about my clan, my bloodline, and the person I am out to destroy...
  19. Vejimaru

    Happy B-day to me!

    Yay. I turn 16. Okay, you can stop pretending to be happy now. Free beer!
  20. Vejimaru

    Kingdom Hearts Blu Sig

    What do you think. I'm gonna be using this as my sig for a while, so c n' c plz