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  1. Numenor

    Exploit or Tactic

    Hi all, long time player and forum lurker here.. I just been playing open beta and have been accused of using exploits because I was hitting twice in a row using swoop. I.E. Swoop-hit...Swoop-hit now as far as im consernd this has been a basic mele tactic for as long as ive played, it...
  2. Numenor

    How to spot scripters?

    I have recently started suspecting many esf players and clan players of scripting. I would love to be able to do my own research and find out just how many are abusing the game in this way. I know I can allways use spectate to analyise their technique, see if they are powering up and going turbo...
  3. Numenor


    How come there seem to be less and less servers and players using the teamplay. FFA and CTB sux and tis only in teamplay that u can get some deacent 1v1 duleling without getting spc'd in the back by some noob cell. Also the servers are sticking on one map for FAR to long. I join I room and I see...
  4. Numenor

    Angle/turbo Training

    Would anyone be willing to give me some advice or maybe a training session on angling ? i feel that angling and fighting with turbo are the two main areas that are holding be back from being "Clan good" I understand the principle of angling ( hitting them on the side so as not to get a head on )...
  5. Numenor

    Fast Combo??

    Was just fighting this guy and twice, he used one of the secret combos on me, and I swear I completed the defence fine, but both times the combo landed anyway ? is this ANOTHER exploit ? i think I remember hearing something about fast combo'ing but im not sure. BTW im no noob and Im SURE i did...
  6. Numenor

    Scripts? What the hell?

    let me start by saying, I dont use um, dont have um, dont even really know what they do. What they do is what I wanna know , i also here that its messing up the legue cos their being used illigally. Please dont close this thread, i just wanna know what people are doing behind my back
  7. Numenor

    Character AddOn packs

    So many suggestions for extra characters, it would be great if extra chacters could be released by the esf team as packs to install ontop of the esf install. Like expansion packs or whatever. I know they are prob to busy to do this and I thought about suggesting that they would be comunity made...
  8. Numenor


    I was talking to this guy ben on a Laggy server and he told me abuot agngleing, when you hit someone from the side in Basic Melle you hit them even if they are allready dashing. I often get hit like this and there seems like little I can do about it. Just wanted to ask if you have any...
  9. Numenor

    Telepunch or double dash punch ?

    Normally when I do basic melle I try to hit um once with BM and get the second hit by using teleport in the direction I hit them. this works most of the time but uses lots of ki and If I miss I can end up in a bad possition. But recently I switched to dashing after them after the first hit...
  10. Numenor

    Is ESF about SKill or DBZ!?!

    There are two points of view really, people who think the skill of basic and adv melle is the point of esf, the focus, what its all about. and there are thouse that think that chunky beams is whats important. I guess that there are really three points of view. I am a DBZ Fan, to be honest I try...