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  1. Vejimaru

    Should Brim be allowed back into the Royal Rumble?

    Give the man another chance
  2. Vejimaru

    Strong Men...Also Cry

    Women are fickle things. Then again, so are men, but we're just more blunt about it. My story...hmm I got together with a good friend of mine at another friend's birthday party. It went quite well. That is, until two weeks later, when she told me she didn't think we were working out...
  3. Vejimaru

    Post Your Favorite QUOTES

    These quotes are ones I picked up around school "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most" "Okay. Now explain your explaination" "You can't scare me. I teach" And on my keys... "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly"
  4. Vejimaru

    Name Cucumba's baby!

    Guy - Sasuke Girl - Sakura Please note I came up with this before ever watching naruto :3 Those two are my personal choices, but here are other nice names Girl - Roxy (I find that name sexy somehow...), Kalisha (pronounced Ka-Le-Sha. I only tell you cause one of my best friend's name...
  5. Vejimaru

    Fav Anime Charachter

    Hmm.. Guy - Itatchi Uchiha Girl - Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th (I may be slightly wrong in his full name) (Ed for you non Cowboy Bebop fans ^^) Demon - Sesshomaru
  6. Vejimaru

    Naruto Chapter 229 Convo (Spoilers!!)

    Can't wait for 230!!! This is gonna be a bad ass battle
  7. Vejimaru

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    MJ - Thriller
  8. Vejimaru

    I tried my best

    Hey Ice, want me to make you a bg for it?
  9. Vejimaru

    Rate the Signature Above You

    Ummm...if it weren't for the blur stuff...I'd think that the sig was a paint job 2/10
  10. Vejimaru

    1 I made for my brother

    Well, the more ppl say it, the faster it should be taken out :3 My attempted a blood effect on the guy (at least thats what I see), and it came out...okay. The font needs to go FAST, and remove the transparent image on the right. Oh, and make the border thinner
  11. Vejimaru

    Back Again. Open Challenge to anyone

    My first target in our tag team match is you. I'm gonna show my true strength. I'll leave Iceman to take care of Cuc (or most likely the other way around :P)
  12. Vejimaru

    Back Again. Open Challenge to anyone

    Engar, that was perfect, and it was worth the wait. You used the Forest Genesis in ways I never would have thought of. Lastly and mostly, I like the fact we finished as friends. Engar, I'm giving this fight to you. I don't care what Kel says, you won.
  13. Vejimaru

    Good By ESF Community

    Meh, his ego will deflate and he'll come back when he realizes he has no talent. I was the same ^^
  14. Vejimaru

    my first sig

    The sig is too big. You might want to shrink it or you will get warned by the mods (I should know, I've had 5 sig warnings!)
  15. Vejimaru

    Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Help

    Thanks Tank. That really helped. I'mma flash newb right now, so I may be calling for help again
  16. Vejimaru

    Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Help

    Does anyone know how to fade text in Flash? I've been trying for the intro to the movie I'm making
  17. Vejimaru

    Rate the Signature Above You

    I like how the piccy is blended in this one. Everything also works well together 10/10
  18. Vejimaru

    New scoring and ranking system.

    Do I sense a big Fight Club event coming? One that everyone will be able to use in their fights?
  19. Vejimaru

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean (that song is still great)
  20. Vejimaru

    What song are you listening to right.... NOW!

    System F & Farry Corsten - Children (its trance)