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    Ergo Proxy

    How many of you have seen this anime? I'm currently watching it now. About half way through it and I'm really digging it. Granted, this one is a bit more on the intellectual side and can be a bit confusing at times, but it's definitely worth a look. Plus, I <3 Real (Re-l). :x Here's the...
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    ET drawing Sasuke? Incomprehensible!

    Hey guys, I hope this gets more of a reception than my previous post did. Anyway, earlier today I was bored and decided to see if I could draw Sasuke from Naruto. It doesn't really matter why, but I only started the sketch. I was curious what others thought of what I had so far. Let me...
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    ET made a wallpaper? :o

    Hey guys, Havent posted in this section for a long-ass time, so I thought I might show you something I did recently. Some of you may be aware of a webcomic I do along with a friend, Caveat Lector Well, I made this wallpaper from the first panel in comic 84. I'm pretty pleased how it came...
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    Cognitive Dissonance

    Hey, guys. What's happening? Been a while since I posted something. So, I want you guys to take a look at my online comic I've been doing lately. I'm not entirely sure if we consider this advertising - I should know, I am a super moderator -_-; - but I mostly want crits and comments about...
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    Episode one of this new anime was just released. I saw a review/preview of it on a website I frequent and it looked hilarious to me. Well, I was not disappointed. Already the main character is likeable. There is some sweet action, the animation looks great, and there is plenty of hilarious -...
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    It's green

    Yo Crits and comments welcomed and encouraged
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    Summer Revolution: Second Coming

    I didn't really like my newest sig (Nagi from TT), and I figured that since summer is almost here it was time for a summer revolution. Crits and comments welcome and encouraged.
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    I decided it was time for a different sig. And while playing around in photoshop, I came up with this and thought it looked pretty sweet. So, as you can tell by the topic, this is Nagi Souichiro from Tenjou Tenge. Comments and Crits welcome.
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    Happy Birthday Hentai Master!

    Well, it looks like our resident hentai God is celebrating his birth. Enjoy your 23rd birthday. And have a great day doing what you like doing best. :rolleyes: /me bows to his master
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    Robin + ET = True Love

    I don't know if you guys knew this. But I have an infatuation, mostly likely unhealthy, with Robin from WHR. So here's a sig with her in it! You can crit if you want, just the same old crizap from me. But this one has Robin in it! :smile: Haven't been able to find an avatar I want to...
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    Some more HL2 bad news

    Well, I happened to see this at cnn money. Pointed out by Tycho at PA. *sigh* Ah, well.
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    Happy Birthday gwOOveh!

    It is a little early yet, but I couldnt wait. Happy 19th buddeh! WOO! I hope you have an awesome birthday
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    Great Moderator ET

    I decided to change my sig once again. And this time I am paying homage to one of the greatest and funniest anime series I have ever seen. GTO. This signature is most likely not my best one ever. But it gets the job done.
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    Back to the basics

    Recently I have had a lot of anime chicks decorating my signatures. I figured it was time to go back to the beginning. Enjoy.
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    Time to change things up

    Well, I got kind of bored of my last sig. So I made a new one. I like it. It's simple, like most of mine, but i'm pleased. And if anyone can tell me the lovely lady in my sig you get bonus points. :smile:
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    Trigger Happy TV

    I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with this show. It is a show on comedy central, where a group of people play pranks and weird jokes on people in public and video tape their reaction. The only reason I bring it up is because about 2 weeks ago, 6 friends and I were out at the local...
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    St. Anger

    The kings of heavy metal return? Yesterday Metallica's 10th album, St. Anger was "released". It was suppose to come out the 10th...then it was moved to the 5th. But I bought it at best buy on the 4th. So whatever. Either way, the album was only $9.99 and comes with a DVD of the band...
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    Viewtiful Joe

    Hey guys, I don't know how many of you have gamecubes. But if you do you'll want to check out this game when it comes out. Viewtiful Joe is going to be one awesome game. I have played the demo for it and it is amazing. I can't wait to play the rest of it. For more details check out...
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    Summer time fun!

    Well guys, summer is just around the corner...unless you live in the southern hemisphere... But for the rest of us, it is going to get warmer. So in light of that. I figured I would change my sig to more of a sunny, happy summer sig. I will most likely use it, but your comments are...
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    Light-Scream's sig

    Hello everyone, My good buddy LS has asked me to post his sig and have you guys crit it. So direct all comments to LS, not me. :smile: enjoy